Do Small Food Businesses in Malaysia Have to Adhere to Food Regulations?


The straightforward answer is yes. And it is great news since the food safety regulations give peace of mind to consumers, restaurant owners, and others who are involved in some way in the Malaysian food industry.  Now let’s take a closer look at some key points to help you understand more about the food safety regulations of Malaysia.1

  1. There are some prohibited foods if no license is provided

Malaysia is not legally able to export some foods such as rice, sugar, meat, eggs, cockles, live animals, minerals, plants, ores, live fish, coral, milk, oil palms and other specified products if they do not have the appropriate license. This is to ensure the maximum safety when people consume food or sell food to other consumers.

But this is good news for people in the food industry who wish to export their food from Malaysia since they can potentially make good profits. To be able to play in the Malaysian food export industry, they must follow applicable laws and pass the quality test set up by the Malaysian government.2

  1. Standard conformity

Product certification ensures that buyers will be receiving products that comply with legal requirements. These rules are set in place to assure a minimum base of safety regulations or performance.  The product certification process for products manufactured in Malaysia must adhere to a standard of the goods to be consumed inside Malaysia. Or, they must conform to a standard applied to products that will be consumed outside the boundaries of Malaysia. SIRIM accepts these standards and will issue the marks “MS” or “S” to denote Malaysian quality and safety.  Standard conformity in these issues ensures quality and security for all, which truly is important.

The government regulations about food safety in Malaysia are a good was to avoid an outbreak of foodborne diseases across Malaysia. It is only logical that everybody involved in the food industry in Malaysia must follow these rules. It’s for everybody’s safety and peace of mind. Also, others in the food industry will be glad to adhere to regulations to profit in their business within various realms of the food industry in Malaysia.