Do People Tip Taxi Drivers in Singapore?

When going to Singapore, one can ride the busses or taxis all around the city. This is a great way to visit this large area without having a car. In fact, most visitors do not bother to rent a vehicle as it is too hard to find parking and it is easier to hail a taxi cab or hop on public transportation. With this in mind, one should know how to take a cab and what to do to get the most out of the experience. People often want to know if it is acceptable to tip taxi drivers. The answer is yes. Here are three cases in one may want to consider tipping the cab driver.

❤ Help with bags: While some people will just need a ride to lunch or down the street, others will need a longer ride to the airport or across town. Often, while on a long trip, a passenger will need to bring a few bags. This is okay. However, it is a nice gesture if a person can tip a little money if the driver helps with luggage. Now, one should not overthink this; it is wise to toss them a dollar per bag. Remember, this is above and beyond their job duties and a customer should respond with a small tip.


Luggage Help

❤ Recommendation: In Singapore, one can go to a lot of restaurants or shopping outlets. While most of them are great and will offer people what they need, others should be avoided. To find the best, one should speak with their cab driver. While speaking to the driver, one should ask which restaurant he or she would recommend. Ideally, when receiving a few words of wisdom, a customer should give a dollar or two to show his or her appreciation. Without a doubt, it is wise to compensate a good taxi service in Singapore as the employee is sure to love a little extra money (source: Good Singapore


Good taxi driver


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❤ Fast trip: It is not an easy job to drive a taxi through the Singapore streets. Much like with other areas, this is a place that most people do not want to drive in too often. For this reason, when a driver gets to his or her destination quickly, a customer should consider tipping a little. This will go a long way in making the driver happy. One must understand that some cab drivers will take the long and timely routes while others will get straight to the destination. Luckily, when they get straight to their destination, most smart people tip as they realize that it saves them money when the driver arrives quickly and without getting lost or stuck in a traffic jam.


taxi driver

Now, it is not mandatory that a person tip a cab driver in Singapore. However, when giving a dollar or two for a job well done, a client can show his or her appreciation. One must remember that cab drivers do not make tons of money and this small gesture will help with their situation.