DIY Furniture Guide: How to Build a Platform Bed

If you are short on space or looking for something different to mix up the look of your home, platform beds have been used for centuries and are a great substitute for your traditional box spring beds. Best yet, these bases can be made at home with just a few tools and materials that you may already have lying around. If you are looking for an afternoon project that will add flare and excitement to your bedroom, this guide will tell you how to build a platform bed.

The Materials
If you have materials lying around your home, that’s going to help you out a lot. Luckily, even if you don’t, the materials that go into a platform bed can be found for relatively inexpensive prices. Those living in Singapore can trust in local online furniture stores to find materials to make their new platform bed. This site offers great prices on many different household items. Once you have the appropriate materials, you can get started making your platform bed.

Finding The Right Size
The next thing you’ll want to account for when making your platform bed is the size you need to make it. With whatever size mattress you have, you will want to leave about 1 inch of room extra on each side of your platform. This will leave for a bit extra space when putting the mattress down on the platform part of the bed.

The Building Process

The Top Platform
Once you have made the platform for your mattress to rest, gather the wood boards you’ll need to make the frame of your bed (either that you have on your own or those that you have purchased). To begin making them, account for one extra foot around the original platform. This is where you will begin making the frame of the bed. The reason you will leave an extra foot of space for the bottom side of the platform, is to stop you from stubbing your toe or banging into the platform every time you approach your bed.

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The Base
After you have gathered the wood and accounted for the subtracted space, make a rectangular frame on the floor in front of you (without the platform on the top). Once you have outlined the rectangle (it should look like your platform but a foot shorter on each side), you can begin attaching the pieces together. To do this, you can drill screws into the wood or use a very firm wood glue agent. At each corner of your frame, you will want to also attach a cross-section piece, as it will add stability to the frame.


Putting It Together

Once your frame is stable, you can put the platform on top of it. As you put the platform down, account for the extra foot of space and make sure that you have 6-inches extra on each side. Once you have done that, you can again drill or glue the platform to the frame.

Extra Details
After this step, you can decide how much more detail you want to add to your platform bed. For some, you can simply put your mattress on the bed and get to sleep. But if you want to paint it or add an extra layer of padding for added support, you can do that as well. While many of the platform beds online will come with the additional features, if you may have more choices with a bed that you make on your own.

All in all, a platform bed can be a comfortable and convenient bed for your living situation. And as shown here, it can be easily made and be extremely comfortable.


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