Three tips for finding a place in Singapore

Singapore has a booming economy. The country serves a major role within the Asian financial sector and the tourist economy is also growing rapidly. This economic growth has attracted thousands of people, and these people need a place to live. Singapore does have the real estate to accommodate this growth, but finding the right room for rent in Singapore is difficult.… Read More

Singapore Real Estate Investment

2007 marked the beginning of Singapore’s real estate market boom. Strong economic growth coupled with the influx of professionals migrating into the country at the time made real estate space highly valued and in-demand. Nowadays, however, profitable opportunities are scarcer and investing involves a more sophisticated and rigorous process.… Read More

Should You Buy a Property in Singapore That Needs Repairs? 

In an ideal world, you would be able to quickly and easily locate a property in Singapore to purchase. There are, after all, many options available for you to choose from. However, there are also many buyers who are interested in finding a property to purchase, and there are only a limited number of properties available that actually meet your unique needs for space, features and price.… Read More

The Best Office Locations in Singapore

If you’re searching for Singapore CBD commercial property, then you have several suitable options to consider. “CBD” stands for “central business district.” Central business districts are generally considered the bustling commercial centers of metropolises.

Singapore’s best office locations are in its “Central Area,” which is just south of the picturesque Singapore River.… Read More