A Guide to Packing for Boarding School

A student’s first time at boarding school is a magical and scary time. When you’re not sure what to expect, you generally don’t know what to pack. Students generally need everything they have at home—just in smaller doses. They need plenty of clothes, toiletries, school supplies and ways to keep entertained in between classes and study session.… Read More

4 Benefits Of Private Schools In Malaysia

When you are thinking of sending your child to a private or boarding school, understanding the benefits and perks can help you to make the right decision for you and your family. Knowing some of the benefits of private schools in Malaysia is a way to gain insight into the type of atmosphere and environment you believe is best for your child and family.… Read More

Who Should Take GMAT Courses?

If you are an aspirational MBA student, you have surely heard of the GMAT by now. It is the standardized exam that is used as one of the key admissions criteria by all the top MBA programs. Attaining a high score can mean the difference between being accepted into the school of your choice and having to settle for another alternative.… Read More

Importance of Music Education in Elementary Schools

While most schools view music education as an extracurricular activity, it is actually very important to make a well-rounded student. Learning how to play an instrument and read music helps children in areas such as language development and discipline. Studies also show that children who play an instrument tend to get better test scores than their peers.… Read More