10 Reasons To Work In Singapore

Nestled between Asia and Australia, Singapore is a unique country with a decorated history, including being a critical trading post for British commerce in the 1800s. According to How To Find Work In A New City, modern times have seen Singapore come into its own as a beacon for large corporations looking to grow rapidly.… Read More

How To Be A Good Real Estate Agent

When looking to become a┬áreal estate agent, most people begin by taking classes and learning what they can about selling property. Of course, one must follow a few basic tenets should they want to be a successful agent. Here are five common traits of successful┬áreal estate agents.… Read More

Learning To Be A Lawyer

Many people don’t realize that learning to be a lawyer entails more than just taking classes at a law college or law school. A law course shows students how to read legal cases, helps them become familiar with legal jargon, and shows them how to spot legal issues.… Read More

Types of Singapore Work Permits

Singapore has several types of work permits for foreigners, in Singapore called Work Passes. This post will provide investors and new company registration Directors the basics for each of the work pass permit type in Singapore. This information will help attract the best possible people to work for your company from almost any place in the world.… Read More

Looi Mei Lin – What A Life!

I had the pleasure of meeting Looi Mei Lin today. I understand that she shot into the spotlight after winning a spot in a Malaysian beauty pageant. Since then, there offers for commercials, modeling and even acting came pouring in. After a couple of years in the industry, Mei Lin left to join the banking industry – another challenging role, but at least a stable one.… Read More