The Pros and Cons of Facebook Commerce

Social media is constantly evolving to keep up with the times. Facebook used to be simply a way to see what your classmates were up to. Now, businesses can market and sell products on Facebook. While Facebook commerce is not the top way to sell products, Facebook is certainly becoming an important advertising tool.… Read More

Singapore Company Registration: LTD Companies

When you decide that forming a company within Singapore is something that you may want to do, you must decide on what kind of business structure that you choose for your business entity. This decision affects many important aspects of your everyday life; how much you pay in taxes, the perception of your business among your clients, your ability to get a loan, the type and amount of paperwork that is necessary among many other things.… Read More

Private Equity for Start-Up Businesses

Small businesses are often faced with problems that larger businesses do not face, the largest of which is typically maintaining cash flow to run operations as well as to expand. Cash flow can be generated from many different sources including cash from operations, debt financing, and equity financing.… Read More

Setting Up a Limo Service in Your Area

Setting up a limo service in your area will take some time, but if you are determined and take one step at a time, then you will be driving your own limousine, maxi cab or airport transfer service. If you are already driving a limo or you are new to the industry, either way owning your own limo service can be a very rewarding experience.… Read More