The Pros and Cons of Facebook Commerce

Social media is constantly evolving to keep up with the times. Facebook used to be simply a way to see what your classmates were up to. Now, businesses can market and sell products on Facebook. While Facebook commerce is not the top way to sell products, Facebook is certainly becoming an important advertising tool.… Read More

The Key Points of a Sports Sponsorship Agreement

The sponsorship of individual athletes is one of the major channels of sports marketing available to sponsors and their brands. Sponsorship for an individual athlete provides definite benefits for both parties as well as obligations.

Both the sponsor and the athlete must be clear about what the benefits and contractual obligations for both parties are, as set out by contract agreement.… Read More

Sports Marketing in Asian Sports

Sport marketing is a proven method of promoting the brand and the product. Sports events provide necessary exposure to the company’s brand. Millions of avid sports followers are glued to the television in important sporting events. Sports marketing campaigns are not just limited to television as they invade practically all other media too such as newspaper, billboards, radio, internet and magazines.… Read More

How World-Class Sporting Events in Asia Allow Brands to Reach Out to Target Audience

More and more companies and brands seeking to grow their market share in Asia are successfully using the power of Asian sport to connect with consumers across the region in ways that traditional advertising and promotional programmes cannot achieve.

Sport brings to brands a passion they would otherwise be unable to capture, offering a cost-effective, integrated marketing platform.… Read More