Are You the Perfect Candidate for Accounting Jobs?

Many people find accounting as a desirable career due to job security, and they aren’t far-off when it comes to accountants always being able to find work. However, this is not an easy career choice for everyone.

Accounting is a number’s game. Is balancing a checkbook fun? No one has to be a math genius, but accountants require extensive critical thinking skills in order to solve problems for their employers. Patience is a virtue, and that’s even truer for accountants, which makes this a difficult job for individuals who have a short attention span.

Obtaining a certificate or degree in accounting increases a person’s chance at landing higher paid accounting jobs with a well-respected employer. A bachelor’s degree is the most versatile of all the degrees available, which generally consists of about 120 credit hours. Certification exams like the CPA or CMA can greatly increase your earning potential.

There are also several different kinds of accounting jobs, and each one. A public accountant is the broadest field in accounting, and includes tax advisers, bookkeepers and auditors. Management accountants primarily work for individual companies as financial analyzers and help plan the company’s budget and expenses. Government accountants are generally employed with the IRS as auditors. Internal auditors are hired by individual companies in order to analyze financial data and expenses. To choose what type of accounting is a good fit, anyone pursuing the career should see if they like working in new environments and with different people all the time. If so, a public accountant would be the most satisfying of the choices. If they want to stay within a single company for a long time then management accountant and internal auditors is the perfect way to maintain that stability. If they like to investigate business practices or practice forensic accounting, government accounting is a great way to satisfy that.

One last trait that all accountants need is a love for computers. Being on a computer is how the majority of an accountant’s time is spent; knowledge of accounting software and a fast typing speed is required.