An Ultimate Guide To Superb Healthy Hawker Foods In Singapore


Going on a low-carb diet should be a top priority for those looking to shed a few pounds or those hoping to maintain their attractive healthy weight much longer. Unfortunately some weight-watchers have abandoned their taste impulses and sacrificed a variety of hawker foods altogether–chicken rice, char kway teow, Hokkien fried mee, nasi lemak and Indian rojak, to mention a few. Thankfully, less sinful and equally sumptuous options exist which can more likely make you crave good hawker food more, while at the same time also help you maintain a low-carb diet as usual. Below is a handy guide you should follow all the time if you’re planning to lose weight, while splurging on some insanely sumptuous low calorie food in Singapore.


#1 Bee Hoon Soto

Like most soups, Bee Hoon Soto is a lovely meal to have every time you’re about to start your day in the morning. It’s quite low in calories and leaves people completely satisfied. The dish is also a great option than other variety of soups, like Mee soup, because of its low level of fat content.


#2 Chee Cheong Fun

This is a very popular breakfast dish around Singapore—usually a gluten-free steamed rice roll. The dish comes with different options for fillings like char siew filling scoring, which makes it among the top dishes around Singapore with the lowest carbohydrate content levels which people can enjoy. Although white rice is commonly avoided by those undergoing a weight-loss diet, Chee Cheong Fun at least is a surprisingly low-carb option compared with other alternatives such as claypot rice or fried rice nevertheless.


#3 Teochew Porridge

Also similar to economical rice, all you have to do is choose a few options to make a sumptuous bowl of watery congee. The dish may be pre-cooked or prepared a la minute–minced pork, tofu, salted egg, steamed fish, and stewed vegetables are other superb options to try every time you wish to change your Teochew Porridge diet. A healthy tip: go easy on the condiments, more specifically the fermented soya beans since they add unnecessary sodium content to the meal. Although, using a bit of chilli to enrich the taste is fine.


#4 Dosa

A fermented crepe made from a rich blend of ground lentils and rice flour, Dosa is considered a vital and healthy low-carb Indian food diet. It’s quite low in fat compared with other options like mee goreng, Indian rojak and roti prata. It also comes in many variations, such as cheese, egg, or masala. And most of the time it’s usually served with sambar (a veggie-based diet) and chutney. Sometimes you’ll opt to leave the coconut-based Sambar out, as it’s highly packed with high levels of fat and salt which can be vital to health.


#5 Yong Tou Foo

And lastly, Yong Tou Foo is another popular dish among many Singaporean locals–and for good reason! You’re given the privilege to build your own bowl as you wish by handpicking a variety of vegetables and tofu items packed with fish or a great meat texture. First the ingredients are usually boiled or fried, and then served either dry or in soup. They can either be eaten on their own, or with other diet variations like rice or noodles. A healthy tip: Stay away from all fried foods and go easy on the sodium-rich tasty sauce and chilli altogether. Make sure you have at least one dessert spoon of each.


In a nutshell, above are a variety of superb and sumptuous low-carb diet food options people should try in order to shed a few kilos and even maintain their striking healthy weight much longer. Even though you might be a compulsive weight-watcher, these rich varieties of “healthy hawker foods” are quite low on fat and sodium levels–meaning the very last thing they can do is sabotage your weight or health! All the same, make sure you use this handy guide every time you wish to splurge on a few sumptuous low-carb diet dishes around Singapore. Try them anytime. The benefits acquired from these dishes—are more than just a dream!