A New Hero in the Struggle for Robotic Dust Bunny Dominance

Robotic cleaning devices are quickly advancing to the level that we all expected based on the cartoons and science fiction of our youth. Given the rate of advancement, we can all have high hopes in regard to the fully automated home that has the potential to drastically reduce the effort that into housework. The Neato Robotic Vacuum is helping to forge the future in automated cleaning by hitting the market with capabilities that are far more advanced than the automated predecessors that popularized this market in the past. So while this vacuum is not necessarily a shocking development in the world of robotics, it certainly breaks the mold in terms of the abilities of the average robotic cleaner.




The XV-11, released by Neato, has lived up to the hype that preceded its release. In comparison to other devices of its kind, this automated vacuum is roughly the same size as the Roomba, but it delivers performance based on much more sophisticated technology. This device uses a laser to avoid furniture and other objects that may inhibit its ravage path of cleaning. The XV-11 also has some nice little extras that allow it to stand above competition such as Roboking. You can set definite parameters up all throughout the house based on placing simple magnetic strip boundaries across the floor. Other devices rely on programming that often fails or develops cleanings patterns that are not fully accurate or comprehensive.



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Much of the technology that has gone into popular robotic cleaners on the market is incorporated into this machine and further refined in order to provide a more thorough clean and reliable performance. The automated mapping technology that powers products such as the Iclebo is complimented by many other unique features that give the Neato XV-11 a prominent edge. One such feature is the transparent cleaning bin that rests on top of the unit. It is simple to see when the package needs emptying, and the part snaps into and out of place easily so that spilling debris is no risk at all.

See the benefits in this video of using a Neato XV-11 automatic vacuum. It does all the work for you so you don’t have to. And, it works on all floor types!

The intuitive interface allows users to program cleaning schedules however they would like once the unit has been fully charged. Additionally, a large orange button allows you to set the device straight to work when a unforeseen spill occurs. Avoiding objects with laser guidance rather than impact bumpers allows the XV-11 to keep the cleaning on schedule. It even avoids falling down flights of stairs. The machine runs quietly compared to the average vacuum, and its cleaning power is considerable. It can handle much more than your average dust bunny. The unit even returns to the wall-charging unit when it senses that it is running low on power. If you wish to achieve an effortless and comprehensive clean in every room of the house, visit www.autovacstore.com to discover more details today.

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Find out more price and detailed info about all types of robotic vacuum at Autovacstore.com