5 Lifehacks Using Toilet Paper

Life is hard enough as it is. But luckily for you, in today’s day of technology, the use of life hacks have allowed people to find ways to make life easier with common tools from around the home. A lot of these things you may already have, which can make your life tremendously easier. One example is the use of toilet paper. Toilet paper is not just something you use to clean up after you use the restroom, but instead it has many alternative uses. Here are some life hacks for using toilet paper for things that you may not have considered.


Mummy Costume

If Halloween, or just a costume party, is around the corner, you can’t get a much cool or cheaper costume than a mummy. Mummies are such an old school idea, that they are almost rarely ever seen anymore. All you have to do is wrap a few layers of toilet paper around your body and you are set to go.


Toilet paper mummy



Blood Stopper

This one may be obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to point it out. If you are shaving your body or get a nasty cut, then there are few things that will help you stop the blood like toilet paper will. All you have to do is simply tear off a small piece of toilet paper and then put it on the wound to stop the bleeding. The toilet paper will stop the cut from bleeding, but also keep the blood from getting everywhere.


Toilet Paper Stop Bleeding




MP3 Speaker

If you are out of toilet paper, don’t throw away the roll that is underneath. There are plenty of uses available that will make you regret throwing away all those old toilet paper rolls. One use is to make a speaker for your MP3 player. To do so, you simply slit a cut in the roll that is just big enough for you to place the player into. Once you do so, you place your MP3 player into the insert and let the music play. The circular pattern of the roll will allow the acoustics to really get going and it’ll act as a surround sound with such a simple and small frame.



Toilet Paper Made Speaker




Wire Organizer

If you have a ton of wires running from your electrical devices to outlets, those toilet paper rolls will come in handy for another use. Simply run the wires through the toilet paper roll and your wires will be nice and organized in one simple place and out of the way from vacuums or children. Best yet, you can draw on the toilet paper rolls to make creative and cute designs that will accentuate your home.


Wire Organizer toilet paper roll



Clothing Adjustments

The last way to really utilize toilet paper is to fix small issues that you may not be completely satisfied with personally. If you are a bit short, consider putting toilet paper in your shoes to add a few inches of height. Or if you want to have the appearance of a larger bust, then throw some toilet paper into your bra for added support. The ideas are limitless with how toilet paper can change your physical appearance.










Toilet paper is not just something that you use in the bathroom. Instead, you can *BUY TOILET PAPER HERE* and find a ton of useful purposes for it. Your life will be so much easier with something you already have in your home.


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