5 Jobs in Sandakan to Begin Your Brand New Career

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With a history as a British Settlement and centre of trade and export, Sandakan has always been one busy city. Today, it’s a major tourist destination because of its rich colonial architecture, culture, and eco-tourism. However, as the level of investment in Sandakan is rising, more professionals and fresh grads are moving to search for Sandakan jobs. If you’re one of them, check out these five jobs in demand in Sandakan to aid in your job search,


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Becoming an engineer in Sandakan is lucrative. With the recently opened Majulah Industrial Centre, hundreds of firms and factories are putting up offices and production facilities to manufacture glue, wood-based products among many other items. Engineers are sought after for their mathematics skills to keep productivity at a high.

Tourism Associate

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With the many zoos, amusement centres, and ecological parks, tourism in Sandakan is at an all time high. Hundreds of thousands of locals and international flock to Sandakan. Travel agencies and hotels are more and more in need of tourism associates who can welcome visitors and residents and show them the best of Sandakan.

Restaurant Manager

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Malaysian, European and Chinese cuisine can be found in the nooks and crannies of Sandakan. Restaurants are opening left and right to cater to the rising number of tourists and residents who love food. The restaurant manager position is much sought-after in the food and beverage industry where young professionals can learn to run their own restaurant in the future.

Project Manager

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Houses, factories, big buildings are being built every day in Sandakan as the population grows. The construction industry is receiving tons of local and foreign investment that construction companies are in need of skilled project managers to assure that infrastructures are being built on time.

Account Manager

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The commerce industry in Sandakan is busy. As the number of inhabitants rises, the number of consumers and competition for these customers rise as well. Corporations are seeking customer-centric account managers who know how to make a sale and capture the attentions of potential clients and businesses.

While you may think it can be difficult to find a job in the beautiful and serene Sandakan, don’t fret. Sandakan is the home for your new career role. Check out these five jobs on this list and pursue your dream job today.