Does your job in Malaysia involve heavy weight lifting? You probably protect your head with a helmet, and legs with boots. However, the back, which many forget to guard, is the unsung hero in many ways. So what do fitness enthusiasts, dancers, or workers recommend for maintaining proper body posture?


If you don’t use back support in Malaysia during intense physical activity, it can produce serious problems such as the following:



Without using a back support belt in Malaysia, you can suffer hyperextension during weightlifting, dancing, gymnastics, etc. These exercises overstretch the spine, causing problems in the lower areas. When hyperextension has occurred, you’ll experience an abrupt onset of pain. From then on, lower back pain may accompany anything else you do each day.



Sciatica is one of the problems that lower back complications can cause. It starts with the weakening of abdominal muscles, which may force intervertebral discs to protrude, and the centrum to degenerate. When sciatica strikes, you’ll experience chronic pain on one leg or side of the buttock. You’ll suffer pain when sitting, with the condition incapacitating you sometimes.


Back Muscle Strain

Failure to use back posture support while walking, running, or even lifting can lead to back muscle sprain. The condition will occur after the twisting, pulling, or tearing of the muscles that prop your spine. In turn, you’ll find walking and bending difficult due to the reduced range of joint movement. There’ll also be a surge in pain with every move you make.


No matter your lifestyle you enjoy in Malaysia, the thought of heavy pushing, pulling, and lifting without back protection is scary! Precisely, your lower back does the “heavy lifting,” supporting your head as well as the trunk of the body. Back posture support in Malaysia deserves consideration before undertaking any strenuous physical activity as it is a matter of personal health and safety.