4 Amazing Beauty Products from April Skin that You Should Absolutely Get

Legions of beauty enthusiasts cannot get enough of April Skin. Beauty lovers love April Skin products that use mostly natural ingredients and deliver their promise! Efficient, long-lasting, and gentle to your skin are the words that sum up April Skin’s products. Plus, no matter which skin type you have, you’ll find something to cater to your special needs.


Here are some of the most beloved products by April Skin that caught a lot of attention during the last three years:

[H2: 1. April Skin Magic Snow Cushion]


You can choose from cushion white, cushion pink, or cushion black depending on your skin shades. What’s great about these cushions is that they serve three functions: skin whiteners, protection against the harsh sun, and anti-wrinkle formulas. So you’re basically getting three products in one package.


What’s more, they are also refillable. For instance, if you run out of the Magic Snow Whitening Cream, you can order a refill instead of buying a new item.

[H2: 2. Magic S Lipstick]


You get six luxurious colours of this April Skin lipstick with just one order. The shades are as follows: Roxanne Tango, Hong Kong Red, Fanny Pink, Pink Marso, Budapest, and Hawaii Summer. These gorgeous products create voluminous and glossy lips with a creamy texture. It also contains organic argan oil which provides long-lasting moisture.

[H2: 3. Blooming Skin Care Set]


This is one of the most in-demand products by April Skin Korea and for a good reason. The set contains six high-quality items: Pinky Clay Toner, Pinky Clay Nose Pack, Pinky Clay Soothing Gel, Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack, Magic Snow Pad, and April Skin’s Signature Soap. This is the perfect companion for the women who are always on the move.

[H2: 4. All Kill Pore Brush]


If you have very sensitive skin that gets easily damaged by oil and dirt, this brush can help you deal with the nagging problem. With over 400,000 micro bristles, this brush is very effective in removing dirt, oil, and grime that has accumulated in your skin pores. Plus, its small size allows you to put it in your purse and bring it wherever you go.


Tempted by one of these amazing products? Unfortunately, there’s no physical store by April Skin in Singapore just yet. Luckily, here at Hermo, we have a large selection of the April Skin products. Go to our April Skin page, or use the search functions on our website to find a specific April Skin item.