3 Strategies In Revamping Your Human Resource Through Technology


Advancements in technology have completely revolutionized the way businesses are run and managed today. One of the sectors that benefited the most from these developments is the human resource department. Technology has been instrumental in the creation of various tools, resources, and business strategies which managers utilize to improve the morale and productivity of their subordinates. Below are some of the ways in using technology to build better teams of workers.


  1. Use it as a recruitment tool. Technology now plays a very important role when it comes to finding new employees. This is especially true for companies which allow employees to work off-site. Using the internet to find new recruits has a lot of benefits. One, you have access to a larger pool of applicants. Two, you have the flexibility to check and confirm the credentials of an applicant before you decide of bringing him into the company. And three, you don’t have to spend on wanted ads to be printed on newspapers or broadcast on television/radio.


  1. Use it to train both new and established employees. Before the invention of the internet, employees are trained using traditional methods such as seminars and team-building activities. The landscape has changed now because there are several other ways on how to sharpen the skills of your workers. There are software programs that enable you to train or update the skill set of your employees. Such programs may include video tutorials, webinars, games, or podcasts. What’s great about these training resources is that workers can go through them at their own time and pace.


  1. Use it to encourage employees to collaborate and accomplish tasks as a team. As a manager, the question that you must contend with at all times is this: How can HR create value for a business? Technology has made it easier to answer this question. Value in the perspective of a manager means harmony and healthy relationships among the employees. You can achieve these by using technology to keep your employees close. Encourage them to collaborate using online tools such as social sites, messaging boards, and even mobile applications. As long as an online tool helps them in accomplishing their tasks, you shouldn’t intervene.


It’s almost impossible to manage a business these days without using any sort of technological tool or resource. So what you need to do is embrace the developments and use them to your full advantage. Following the tips discussed above would be a great start.