10 Reasons To Work In Singapore

Nestled between Asia and Australia, Singapore is a unique country with a decorated history, including being a critical trading post for British commerce in the 1800s. According to How To Find Work In A New City, modern times have seen Singapore come into its own as a beacon for large corporations looking to grow rapidly. Based on Recruit Plus survey, more prospective employees look to Singapore as a workplace, it is important to note some of the benefits of working in this exotic country.



When an employee decides to work in Singapore, it is comforting to know that the country, along with its cities, is extremely safe. Local laws are strict about almost all common crimes, especially dealing drugs. With fear of punishment, residents obey the law to remain in the country.



Many people working in this beautiful country bring their family to live with them. Schools are high quality, even at the elementary level. With critical skills in reading and learning dual languages, such as Mandarin and English, both children and adults benefit from high competency levels.



Being new to the city is not cause for alarm. Singapore welcomes foreigners and sees them as a boost to the economy. Diverse nationalities create a veritable melting pot of people working together toward a common goal.



Once a person finds a job, they are not relegated to that position for their entire Singapore career. Companies and community groups constantly hold networking events, especially on the weekend, to bring people together. Knowing people in several industries opens up many opportunities for hard-working newcomers.


Low Unemployment

Coupled with networking events, Singapore is known for its vibrant employment opportunities. New corporations move to Singapore almost daily, making positions open for talented workers looking for a new outlook on life.


Comfortable Climate

There is no need to fight a snowstorm on the way to work. Singapore boasts comfortable temperatures year-round. With average temperatures between 73 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit, most of the year is full of sunny days with some rain dotting the forecast. Work is not stifled by poor weather, especially if a position requires some outdoor work, such as trade shows or construction.


Cultural Bridges

With so many cultures, ranging from Indian to Chinese, Singapore makes it a goal to keep everyone tied together through common language use. Any career promotions are based on work ethic and talent rather than discrimination or race factors. Singapore’s melting pot allows everyone to be themselves regardless of background.


Time Off

Singapore’s work schedule has reasonable weekday hours and ample time off for vacations. Once a worker takes time off, they have a chance to visit nearby countries with exciting activities, from Thailand to Myanmar. A worker’s life is greatly enriched with the world at their doorstep.



Workers do not need a car in Singapore. Use of taxis, buses and trains keeps the workforce moving efficiently without stressful traffic. Public transportation remains affordable and safe throughout the country.


Food Selection

Picky eaters have many choices for every meal. Regardless of pay scale, there is an affordable eatery near every workplace to appease any palate. Singapore’s rich cultural mix combines Eastern and Western foods to keep everyone full.