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Balik Pulau Penang: The Best Place To Get A Taste Of Durian

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If you are looking for a peaceful holiday destination, you should head to Balik Pulau Malaysia. Most of the region is blanketed by rolling hills, picturesque paddy fields, and lush greenery. It’s the perfect destination for adventurers who want to get closer to nature. It also happens that the place has some of the best-tasting durian fruits in the world. The region is home to several varieties of durian fruits, each boasting a distinctive smell and taste. If you want the full durian experience, you should visit between the months of May and August, as this is when the fruits are in full season.

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During your stay, make sure to visit a Balik Pulau durian farm. These are top tourist draws, so interesting activities are often conducted. For instance, you can join a Balik Pulau durian buffet where you get to taste several varieties of the popular fruit. In some instances, dishes and recipes featuring the fruit as a main ingredient are also available for tasting.

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Balik Pulau doesn’t just offer fruit farms and fruit buffets. There are other exciting activities that you can do in the region. You can visit the Balik Pulau goat farm and see with your own eyes how ice cream, yoghurt, pudding, and cheese are made from fresh goat’s milk. This is an organic farm which means all the products are fresh, healthy, and rich in nutrients. The feed that the goats consume comes directly from the nearby Balik Pulau paddy field.

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And if you are an outdoorsy person, you can join the Balik Pulau cycling tour. These cycling tours are conducted both on weekdays and weekends. Locals and visitors are all invited to join in. The route will take you to the best countryside scenes in Penang.


In a nutshell, Balik Pulau is an amazing place filled with a lot of surprises. Whether you’re travelling solo, with family or friends, it has a lot to offer.


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If you are planning to start a business in the food industry, one of the essential factors you should consider is air quality. Whether you are starting a small restaurant or a large food packaging establishment, you need to ensure that the air inside your place of business is safe for both customers and employees. It’s also worth mentioning here that air quality is one of the components that regulatory agencies look into before approving business permits. If the air quality in your establishment does not meet the required standards, then the issuance of your business permit may be delayed.

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The Roles of a Ventilation and Air Conditioning System

  1. Protect your customers from harmful gases. Several toxic gases are produced in the kitchen during cooking and other food processing activities. These can accumulate and reach levels that will be dangerous to customers but you won’t have to worry about this if you have a reliable ventilation system. For further protection, you should consider getting a gas meter. This meter can track and measure the amounts of harmful gases circulating in the air.
  2. Protect your employees from long-term exposure to harmful gases. Your employees are actually more susceptible to illnesses because they are in your place of business almost every day. They can develop illnesses if they are exposed to toxic gases for long periods of time.
  3. Ensure that you are always in compliance with food regulations. As was mentioned earlier, regulatory agencies usually require you to prove that the air in your place of business is safe and free from contamination. You can only do this by showing that you have an efficient air conditioning and ventilation system.

In conclusion, it’s of utmost importance that you install a good quality ventilation and air conditioning system in your place of business. This is especially true if you operate in a busy and urban area. Sometimes there can be exceptions but these are usually reserved for establishments that are situated in relatively clean and pollution-free locations like in the rural countryside. If you are located in the city, you are more than likely required to install a ventilation system.

Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair Forever with These Treatments

Beauty experts advise that to stay lovely, the most important task is to take care of the skin, to make it clear and silky smooth. That means the need to remove unwanted hair has also become a necessity and a priority. While most women go for natural ways like plucking, shaving, and waxing, some prefer aesthetic procedures to get rid of the unwanted hair.

Many aesthetic clinics in Malaysia have come up with the latest hair removal treatments and technologies that solve this beauty dilemma. Here are the top 3 hair removal procedures you might want to consider:

  1. Laser Technology

The most popular permanent facial hair removal procedure is the laser treatment. This method uses concentrated light pulses to destroy hair follicles and to prevent them to regrow. The benefit is that the laser doesn’t damage the surrounding tissues of the skin.

You can also do this from the comfort of your own home using the practical, lightweight laser machines available online. However, nothing beats the indulgence in getting treatment from a professional aesthetician. Plus, going to a professional clinic guarantees a precise and effective procedure.

The exact wavelength of light pulses targeting your hair follicles will depend on the type and colour of your hair and skin. Most experts believe that this is the most effective hair reduction treatment, which requires 6-12 sessions to see the results you want. The typical cost of a laser hair removal treatment in Malaysia ranges from RM275-RM425 depending on the body area.


  1. Intense Pulsed Light or IPL

Unlike the laser technology which has a specific target for its emitted wavelength, the IPL method releases a broad wavelength just like a simple light bulb. IPL is recommended for patients with lighter types of skin with darker hair colour. However, it tends to be less efficient than the laser treatment because the pulses can’t penetrate through the deeper layers of the skin.

Likewise, it also exposes the surrounding tissues to the wavelengths, which in turn causes them to be damaged and burned. IPL machines usually come with a large hand piece that makes the treatment faster than other laser treatments. It is cheaper than ordinary laser treatments and usually costs around RM170 based on the area.


  1. Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment

International TV reporter Carol Malasig shared this breakthrough on her blog, in which she highly recommended this hair removal procedure. Compared to an ordinary IPL treatment for the underarms, for example, the Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment just takes 5 minutes for both underarms.

Using the Koolite machine, it also emits light pulses similar to an IPL machine, but patients need not wear eyeglasses to shield against the emitted wavelengths. Carol also mentions that it is less painful compared to the IPL treatment. It also gives additional benefits like whitens and tightens the skin, and removes odour.


In fact, patients should expect noticeable results and reduced hair growth with just three sessions of the Sumuzu treatment. Underarms with some visible pores caused by shaving will become smaller, lines lighter, and sweating reduced. The Sumuzu Hair Removal Treatment may be a bit costly at RM300 per session for underarms and RM590 per session for full legs.

If you’re done with waxing, shaving, or tweezing, then it’s high time for you to switch to these high-tech treatments. With technology, you can say good bye to unwanted hair forever! If you’re interested in getting one of these procedures, contact a trusted and reliable clinic.

Top 6 Tips on Removing Skin Impurities for a Healthy Skin

Living in a tropical country like Malaysia often means that our skin has high exposure to heat, which leads to a vigorous production of sebum and oil. Additionally, being out in the city can introduce many pollutants that can contribute to dry, dull or acne-prone skin.

Certain facial care steps are necessary for keeping your skin clean and pure from sebum and toxic impurities, to prevent skin issues. These are some of the practices you can incorporate into your daily skin care routine to minimise impurities:


1)         Start with a Face Wash

The type of face wash you choose depends on how oily your skin is. If you’re prone to dry skin, get a gentle cleanser that will remove impurities without stripping the skin of its essential oils.

If your skin is oily, you should go for a  deep cleanser which can reach each pore and free it of any excess oil and sebum. You won’t have problems finding a facial cleanser in Malaysia as many options will fit all types of skin.

2)         Use a Comedones Extractor

A comedones extractor is often made of metal with ends that end in loops. These metal tools are usually pushed onto portions of your skin to force out black heads or white heads.

Clean the extractor after every round with a piece of tissue paper of wet wipe. Press the comedones extractor lightly on your skin so as not to cause pain or injury and wash it in warm, soapy water afterwards.


3)         Steam Helps Open up Your Pores

Steaming your face will open up your pores, which helps in whatever cleansing step that you want to perform next. Your pores will be easier to clean with a face wash, brush or comedones extractor once they’ve been opened.

Additionally, your pores will be able to absorb any treatment better if they’re open. To steam your face, fill a bowl with freshly boiled water and hold your face about 30 cm away. Avoid burning or scalding your skin, don’t come too close to the steam. Place a towel over your head to maximise the steam’s effects and keep at it for 2-3 minutes.

4)         Invest in an Electric Face Brush

One of the latest inventions in the beauty industry is the electric face brush. It looks very much like an electric toothbrush, but larger and with gentle bristles. This device can help keep pores clean from deep-set impurities.

It’s an extra step that can be performed several times a week as an addition to your usual cleansing, toner and moisturiser regime. These face brushes are necessary for unclogging pores and removing dead skin cells, one of the main causes of pimples.

5)         Pore Strips for Gentle Extraction

Pore strips are most commonly designed for your nose, but some face masks function as extractors too. Nose strips are pieces of fabrics that contain a water soluble adhesive on one side.

It will attach itself to white heads or black heads and pull them out when the strip dries. Be sure to buy a good brand as some pore strips can cause irritation or scarring.


6)         Use a Clarifying Toner

Toners give your skin that extra boost of deep cleaning it needs. You need them especially if you’ve spent the whole day wearing makeup or spent it outdoors in the dirt and dust. Choose a non-alcoholic toner with gentle herbal extracts for natural anti-bacterial action to prevent pimples or acne.

Cleansing your skin from toxins and other impurities requires some dedication, but the efforts are worth it in the end. Always choose the level of skin care that suits your individual needs and skin types. No one formula and regime fit everyone, so adjust and adapt the recommendations here to what’s best for you.

4 Amazing Beauty Products from April Skin that You Should Absolutely Get

Legions of beauty enthusiasts cannot get enough of April Skin. Beauty lovers love April Skin products that use mostly natural ingredients and deliver their promise! Efficient, long-lasting, and gentle to your skin are the words that sum up April Skin’s products. Plus, no matter which skin type you have, you’ll find something to cater to your special needs.


Here are some of the most beloved products by April Skin that caught a lot of attention during the last three years:

[H2: 1. April Skin Magic Snow Cushion]


You can choose from cushion white, cushion pink, or cushion black depending on your skin shades. What’s great about these cushions is that they serve three functions: skin whiteners, protection against the harsh sun, and anti-wrinkle formulas. So you’re basically getting three products in one package.


What’s more, they are also refillable. For instance, if you run out of the Magic Snow Whitening Cream, you can order a refill instead of buying a new item.

[H2: 2. Magic S Lipstick]


You get six luxurious colours of this April Skin lipstick with just one order. The shades are as follows: Roxanne Tango, Hong Kong Red, Fanny Pink, Pink Marso, Budapest, and Hawaii Summer. These gorgeous products create voluminous and glossy lips with a creamy texture. It also contains organic argan oil which provides long-lasting moisture.

[H2: 3. Blooming Skin Care Set]


This is one of the most in-demand products by April Skin Korea and for a good reason. The set contains six high-quality items: Pinky Clay Toner, Pinky Clay Nose Pack, Pinky Clay Soothing Gel, Pinky Piggy Carbonated Pack, Magic Snow Pad, and April Skin’s Signature Soap. This is the perfect companion for the women who are always on the move.

[H2: 4. All Kill Pore Brush]


If you have very sensitive skin that gets easily damaged by oil and dirt, this brush can help you deal with the nagging problem. With over 400,000 micro bristles, this brush is very effective in removing dirt, oil, and grime that has accumulated in your skin pores. Plus, its small size allows you to put it in your purse and bring it wherever you go.


Tempted by one of these amazing products? Unfortunately, there’s no physical store by April Skin in Singapore just yet. Luckily, here at Hermo, we have a large selection of the April Skin products. Go to our April Skin page, or use the search functions on our website to find a specific April Skin item.

5 Useful Features For Your Business From Chrome For Work

If you aren’t already using Chrome for Work in managing and running your online business, then now is the time to make the switch. Chrome offers a way for you to manage all your online resources from a single platform. You have everything you need in just one account. You can work seamlessly from one project to another without the burden of juggling several accounts from various platforms.

Still not convinced that Chrome for Work is the perfect solution for your business? The following useful features of the platform should help in convincing you:

  1. Seamless integration with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Are you tired of having to download third-party software just so your devices can be integrated with your business? You don’t have to deal with this problem if you use Chrome for Work. In fact, there are even devices that were specifically built by Google for the Chrome platform. These are called Chromebooks.
  2. A wide array of content-creation tools. By logging into your Chrome and Google account, you have access to efficient content-creation tools like Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sites, Keep, and Jamboard. What’s great about these tools is that they are hosted in the cloud which means you can save, store, and access all your content whenever you want.
  3. Secure and unlimited data storage. With your Chrome business account, you have access to unlimited storage space. You can store as many files as you want using Google Drive. This drive has a ton of features you can use to manage your data.
  4. Customized email. Although you get Gmail for free when you sign up with Chrome for Work, you can customize it so that you get a personalized email extension.
  5. Fast and easy-to-use collaboration tools and resources. You can use Drive, Hangouts, Sheets, Forms, and Sites to collaborate with other people. For instance, you can create a document then invite other people to contribute to it. All of these are done online. A person located in Singapore can collaborate on a project with anyone from anywhere in the world.

In a nutshell, no other platform can beat Chrome for Work when it comes to the efficient streamlining of tools, programs, apps, and resources. The platform provides you with all the essential tools you need to run and grow your business online. Furthermore, you get the added benefit of using a platform that is owned by Google, arguably the largest and most influential online company today.