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The Basic Guide to Travelling on The ETS: 5 Things to Know

The ETS or Electric Train Service is operated by KTMB and is Malaysia’s fastest train service to date. Going at 140km per hour, the train is one of the top choices among local and foreign travellers who’d like to reach other states in Peninsular Malaysia fast without facing the traffic. Find out what you need to know below.

  1. When and where to buy tickets The ideal time to buy your tickets is a few days before your departure date, as early as 30 days in advance, and five hours before your departure time. You can buy the tickets online at KTMB’s official site or go straight to the ticketing counters at KL Sentral or other selected KTM stations.
  2. Types of ETS tickets There are three coach classes with different ticket prices: Platinum, Gold, and Silver. For those in a hurry, you can get the Platinum ticket as it doesn’t make as many stops as the other two, and is the most expensive of the three. Take note that the classes have the same service, facilities, and seats; what makes them different is the number of stops they make.
  3. Major routes There are three primary routes available: a) Butterworth –KL Sentral  b) Ipoh – KL Sentral  c) Padang Besar – Butterworth – Ipoh – KL Sentral – Seremban – Gemas
  4. Key ETS stations There are four key ETS stations where you can board the train: KL Sentral (Kuala Lumpur), Ipoh (Perak), Butterworth (Penang), and Padang Besar (Perlis). You can go directly to Bangkok by stopping at Padang Besar and taking the Thai Railways International Express there.
  5. ETS schedule To figure out the best time to make your journey to your chosen destination in Peninsular Malaysia, check the ETS timetable available online. You can even print it out, so you won’t miss the critical time. The ETS calendar rarely changes unless otherwise stated.

Plan your journey carefully and try to book your tickets in advance for convenience and to avoid sold out tickets. Make sure your destination has a station where the ETS stops. Check out the ETS timetable to make it easier for you to plan your journey.

Where to Find the Best Fitness Gyms in Singapore?

Singapore is the healthiest country in Asia in 2017. That was according to Bloomberg. Based on the new index of the digital company, Singapore is also the fourth healthiest country in the world.

If there is anything good with the statistics, it motivates Singaporeans to live a better life and maintain a good shape. In case you are trying to bulk up or burn that stubborn fat, the fact that almost everyone around you is healthy is already a significant advantage. Are you ready to start your fitness journey and see a better you? Here are 5 of the best places where you can sweat it out in Singapore:

  1. Fitness First It has everything you would want in a gym, from the equipment down to the trainers. You will get the access to their modern and innovative facilities as a member. You will also have the entry to all their clubs in Singapore.
  2. Aileron If you are looking for a spacious gym with a beautiful view of the sea, head to Aileron. Besides the peaceful surrounding, Aileron will welcome with their warm and highly trained staff.
  3. Ritual Gym (Raffles Place) For those who are looking for express workouts, this gym along the North Canal Road is the best place to go. They specialize in high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This gym is open from Monday to Saturday.
  4. Gold’s Gym This fitness center specializes in personal training that promises excellent results. They offer various kinds of services to help you lose weight, bulk up, or even get into shape before your big day.
  5. Pure Fitness They have many gyms all over Singapore. Besides the special services for individuals and groups, they also host workshops and events now and then.

Working out is part of having a healthy lifestyle. If you haven’t done your regular workouts, there is no better time to start than now. Keep moving, get fit, and feel better. These are just some of the perks of going to the gym. Excited to get the body you have always been dreaming for? Head to the nearest fitness center now!

Why is it Crucial to Have a Personal Insurance in Malaysia?

Life Insurance Association of Malaysia Industry Promotion Committee Chairman Ramzi Toubassy said that around 12.5 million Malaysians already have life insurance coverage by 2015. That accounts for almost half of the entire Malaysian population. For the other half who have not invested in life insurance, one possible reason why they did not purchase is the lack of financial resources. Many people think life insurance is too expensive.

In case you cannot foot the bill, you may buy a standalone product or a rider of a life insurance policy. You may invest in a personal insurance which requires less premium than a life insurance. Here are some more reasons why it is important to invest in personal insurance in Malaysia:

  1. The accident rate in Malaysia is way too high Road accidents alone took the lives of more than 7,000 individuals in 2016. Personal insurance guarantees that your loved ones can continue to enjoy the quality of life they deserve even after you meet your end. At OCBC, they have a plan that pays a subsidy to each insured child if both parents passed away in the same accident.
  2. A personal insurance will let you apply even if you are already 65 years old In life insurance, the maximum entry is only 60 years old. If you want protection until you reach 80, a personal insurance is a more convenient option.
  3. Everybody needs medical income benefits Aside from accidents, diseases are also part of life’s uncertainties. In case you got hospitalized, do you have sufficient funds to cover the medical expenses or to pay the caregiver? Invest in a personal insurance with health and wellness privileges.

Are you ready to apply for a personal insurance? Inquire in an insurance company to check if you are eligible to apply and what is covered by the insurance. Generally, companies will let you make a formal application given that you are at least 18 years of age. Some plans are available not just to Malaysians but also to permanent residents, work permit holders, and employment pass holders.

5 Jobs in Sandakan to Begin Your Brand New Career

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With a history as a British Settlement and centre of trade and export, Sandakan has always been one busy city. Today, it’s a major tourist destination because of its rich colonial architecture, culture, and eco-tourism. However, as the level of investment in Sandakan is rising, more professionals and fresh grads are moving to search for Sandakan jobs. If you’re one of them, check out these five jobs in demand in Sandakan to aid in your job search,


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Becoming an engineer in Sandakan is lucrative. With the recently opened Majulah Industrial Centre, hundreds of firms and factories are putting up offices and production facilities to manufacture glue, wood-based products among many other items. Engineers are sought after for their mathematics skills to keep productivity at a high.

Tourism Associate

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With the many zoos, amusement centres, and ecological parks, tourism in Sandakan is at an all time high. Hundreds of thousands of locals and international flock to Sandakan. Travel agencies and hotels are more and more in need of tourism associates who can welcome visitors and residents and show them the best of Sandakan.

Restaurant Manager

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Malaysian, European and Chinese cuisine can be found in the nooks and crannies of Sandakan. Restaurants are opening left and right to cater to the rising number of tourists and residents who love food. The restaurant manager position is much sought-after in the food and beverage industry where young professionals can learn to run their own restaurant in the future.

Project Manager

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Houses, factories, big buildings are being built every day in Sandakan as the population grows. The construction industry is receiving tons of local and foreign investment that construction companies are in need of skilled project managers to assure that infrastructures are being built on time.

Account Manager

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The commerce industry in Sandakan is busy. As the number of inhabitants rises, the number of consumers and competition for these customers rise as well. Corporations are seeking customer-centric account managers who know how to make a sale and capture the attentions of potential clients and businesses.

While you may think it can be difficult to find a job in the beautiful and serene Sandakan, don’t fret. Sandakan is the home for your new career role. Check out these five jobs on this list and pursue your dream job today.

The Best Places to Stay in Genting Highlands Revealed

Genting Highlands is one of the leading highland destinations in Malaysia and is a favorite vacation spot for those staying and travelling from the Klang Valley. The main reason many visitors flock there is due to the cool weather, as well as the attractions such as theme parks.

If you’re heading up to Genting Highlands, you’ll want some help deciding where to stay. Here are some of the best places to lodge at while you’re there, for a comfortable and relaxing stay:

First World Hotel, Resorts World Genting  First World Hotel has the privilege of being the largest hotel in the world and is attached to the Forst World Plaza, a large indoor theme park which you can easily enjoy without needing to step outside. There are more than 7000 rooms available for guests, and all of them furnished in the most modern way.

Best Western Premier Ion Delemen  This five-star hotel boasts spacious rooms and a heated pool, as well as a scrumptious spread for the complimentary breakfast buffet. There’s also a shuttle bus provided for tourists to travel to casino and theme park area of Genting Highlands, negating the need for you to rent a vehicle or take public transport.

Awana Hotel  Awana Hotel is another five-star hotel in Genting Highlands which feature beautiful views that you can enjoy, as well as an outdoor pool area. Sports enthusiasts can play a round of golf at their in-house golf course, as well as indulge in a few rounds of tennis at the tennis courts.

Resort Hotel Genting Highlands  One of the earliest hotels in Genting Highlands, the Resort Hotel has comfortably furnished rooms directly connected to the theme park and casino areas. There are also plenty of dining options nearby, so you don’t have to travel to reach many of the attractions here.

Genting Grand Hotel  The Genting Grand started operations in 1981 and is one of the most recognizable landmarks at the peak of Genting Highlands. Visitors love their spacious rooms with bath tubs and delectable modern decorations.

A trip up Genting Highlands will definitely be made better if you stay in a comfortable place with all the amenities you’ll need for a good rest. Genting room bookings are easily made, and there are numerous price options available for you to compare and choose the best one.

5 Things to Look for When Buying a Travel Insurance in Malaysia

Malaysians are passionate travelers. According to tour company Contiki, Malaysian millennials these days are most interested in travel so that they could learn about other cultures. The millennials, or those who were born from 1980-1995, represent a large portion of the population. They were also the ones who would likely spend on leisure activities than have bigger commitments, such as car and home ownership.

Regardless if you are part of this generation or not, it is important to consider that travel comes with risks. It matters that you have a travel insurance to cover any mishaps during your international or domestic trip. The question is: where to find the best travel insurance in Malaysia? There are so many of them but to help you find the right one, here are five of the top factors to consider:

  1. Coverage A typical travel insurance covers personal accident, medical related, and travel inconveniences. But it should also cover death and permanent disablement and loss of items. At OCBC, they also have the home contents benefit that will compensate you if you ever lose your money due to theft or fire.
  2. Cost The cost will vary from provider to provider. The premium for a basic insurance plan costs around RM3-RM15 per individual within Malaysia or across Asia. It normally costs higher if you are traveling worldwide.
  3. Eligibility Will the company allow you to apply even if you are not a Malaysian citizen or a permanent resident? It would be better if the company also accepts the application of work permit holders.
  4. Type The three most common types of travel insurance are annual, single trip, and group or family. In annual you will be covered for the next 12 months. For a single trip, you are covered one trip for around four months of traveling. Group insurance can cover two or more people and typically cheaper than a solo insurance.
  5. Add-ons There are some optional riders that you might want to add your plan. An example would be coverage for sporting activities such as water sports, winter sports, and other extreme physical activities.

Traveling is the best way to meet new people, see interesting places and know other cultures. It is a fun and educating experience. However, we cannot deny the fact that traveling also comes with drawbacks. It can be risky. You never know what is going to happen during your trip. Be secured now and get your travel insurance.