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Fine Tuning Your Profession – 6 Career Changing Advantages of Taking Professional Courses

professional-coursesBy definition, a ‘professional course’ is a college level educational program that’s designed to prepare those who take it to assume specific jobs and professions in the future. These are job-specific courses that will guarantee that graduates will get the specific job their course has trained them for once they complete the program. In Malaysia, more and more students are opting for professional courses as opposed to generalized college programs that confuse them with options after graduation. Why exactly should students choose to take professional courses in Malaysia over other educational options? These 6 career-changing advantages should convince you why.


  1. Clear Cut Career Plan – After graduating from a course that allows multiple career options, which path should you take? Often, this is a major problem for a lot of graduates who don’t anticipate the struggle of choosing from a pool of different job opportunities. With a professional course, students can have a clear cut career plan for themselves, knowing exactly which steps to take after they receive their diploma.


  1. Complete Skill Set – When you take a professional course, you will be given the complete skill set you need in order to accomplish the duties that your job entails. That’s because these are profession-specific details that you can’t learn anywhere else. This aptly prepares graduates for the professional world, knowing they have all the skills needed to get the job done right.


  1. Higher Salary – Because of the semi-specialized skills and knowledge that professional course graduates obtain, they are commonly granted higher salaries compared to graduates who have non-specific college training.


  1. Sure Employment – An occupational therapy graduate, for instance, would have more chances of finding a job as an occupational therapist than a business administration graduate who may or may not fit into certain jobs. Professional course graduates almost always find a job instantly after graduating because they know where to go.


  1. Shorter Learning Curve – Graduates of general courses often need to learn specific skills and abilities when hired for a job, making them clumsy and requiring lots of training before they can be left alone to work. But because professional course graduates already have profession-specific knowledge, they can adjust faster to the work environment without trouble.


  1. Simple Career Progression – It’s easier to determine where you want to take your career next if you take up a professional course. That’s because the first stepping stone is often predetermined, narrowing down your career options as you work your way up the ladder.


Professional courses are very beneficial, especially for the career-conscious individual. Remember these 6 advantages when you start to look for the college course for you and make the right decision by choosing a professional course for your future.

The Couple That Does Yoga Together, Stays Forever. 5 Yoga Poses For Couples


Valentine’s Day is looming. Instead of the usual dinner and movie date most Malaysian lovebirds would do, try something out of the ordinary and join a yoga class as a couple! Doing yoga together could strengthen your relationship and make you grow closer to your partner. Check out the top five yoga poses for couples to try:1

  1. Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose / Flying Bow)


With this pose, you’re going to put all of your trust in your partner and believe in his strength. Your partner will lie down on his back with his knees bent, before placing his feet on your lower back, grabs onto your shoulders, and slowly lift you up in the air. Try to relax and enjoy the moment during this pose.2

  1. Anuvittasana (Assisted Backbend)


This is another movement that requires your partner to slightly lift you up off the ground. Standing back-to-back to each other, you and your partner hook elbows before he bends his knees and slowly leans forward as you lean on his back, lifting your feet off the ground. With each pose, the two of you hold your breaths.3

  1. Ustrasana & Halasana (Camel Pose & Plow)


This move requires you to be flexible as you’ll be doing a bit of bending over. You lie on your back on the ground before lifting your legs up, stretching as far as your head goes (try to touch the floor if possible). Your partner sits on his knees facing the opposite direction and leans his back on you.4

  1. Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose)


One of the easiest couple pose, this move requires you and your partner to sit back-to-back, while keeping your feet together. As your partner slightly leans forward, you lean on his back and hold for five to ten breaths. Repeat the move by taking turns.5

  1. Ardha Matsyendrasana (Seated Body Twist)


Another easiest yoga pose for couples, the move requires you to be seated back-to-back with your partner, legs crossed and slowly twisting each other’s body in the opposite direction. Inhale and exhale as you and your partner turns to the opposite direction. Synchronize your breaths.

As they say, couples that do yoga together, stay forever. With these intimate yoga poses for couples, you can strengthen your relationship and grow closer to your partner. Today, enroll in yoga class in Malaysia that caters to couples who want to do yoga together. Make it more intimate by asking for private classes!

6 Valentine’s Day Original Gift Ideas That Your Cyclist Beau Will Absolutely Love

Janvier Hadi  of Rawanda was in the break, and would take the most aggressive jersey. Photo: Casey B. Gibson |

Valentine’s Day is a timely occasion to show your affection to your special someone. With more and more people getting enthused in the world of cycling, surprising your biking aficionado with cycling stuff on Valentine’s Day will surely be a real treat. There are many things that you can get for your biker beau, and it’s really easy if you visit an online bicycle shop in Malaysia and choose from any of the top picks below:1

  1. High tech goggles Your biker will definitely drool over this techie pair of goggles which has on-board GPS and can be connected using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or ANT+. These new-gen glasses, which can be used by runners and cyclists, are also able to capture photo and video of the bicycle ride. Isn’t that really awesome?2
  2. A durable bike bag Whether your beau would like to bring some extra bike accessories and essentials, or would like to bring along his cellphone, a bike bag provides the best solution to this need. Invest in a quality and tested brand and you’ll never go wrong.3
  3. Cycling Gear Suitcase If your guy is a self-confessed biking enthusiast, then he would definitely have hoarded a lot of biking stuff. His problem now is where to store all of these things, and you can instantly solve this by giving him a nice suitcase where he can store all his bike accessories, whether at home, or while he’s out biking with his friends.4
  4. Multi-tool Bikers who often go on long rides surely need one of these since in most cases, they need tools to repair, replace, or tighten any part of their bicycle. A popular multi-tool has 26 tools in one, which comes really handy when they need tweak the chain, spokes, or pedals.5
  5. Hydration pack Being able to hydrate well during long bike rides is a must. Dehydration makes the muscles lose a part of their strength, and makes you more prone to injury. That’s why this item is also a good investment for your beloved cyclist.6
  6. A bike upgrade Whether your beau has a road bike or a mountain bike, being able to upgrade their cycling gears sounds heaven. Save up and buy him his dream conversion and his Valentine’s Day Celeb will be as memorable as his birthday!

If your beau is a cycling enthusiast, and you’re looking for a gift idea, look no more. Gifting your cyclist beau with any of these biking treats on Valentine’s Day will not only make your celebration a romantic one, but will also make you beloved feel really special on this much awaited day of the year.


Security Officer Specifics – 5 Key Roles of Security Officers and Their Importance in Our Society Today

Often overlooked, but just as important as any other worker – this is a line that aptly describes the situation of security officers in our world today. It’s never tough to find a job as a security officer, mainly because they’re always needed. But despite being one of the most common jobs in our society, there are still some who don’t truly understand the role or importance that security officers play. If you’ve tried to find security jobs in Malaysia, but you’re not sure if you’re cut out for the job, read through this list to learn more about the importance and responsibilities of security officers, and find out if you fit the bill.

  1. General Security – The main role of a security officer would be to ensure the safety and security of an area of business. For instance, an employer might hire a security officer to make sure their premises will be safe at all hours of the day. Often, security officers work in shifts, with one or two officers scanning the area in the morning, and another set of officers keeping the area secure at night after closing hours.The main responsibility of security officer job is to alert the necessary responders in case of a need
  2. Alerting Emergency Responders – Security officers only have a limited number of weapons and tools that they can use in case of a confrontation or a breach of security, and that’s why it’s their main responsibility to alert the necessary responders in case of a need. Security officers will call the police or medical emergency specialists, should they be required. So they must always be alert and aware of their area of responsibility.
  3. Assisting Customers – No one is a stranger to having doors opened for them by security guards when visiting establishments, and that’s because assisting customers is part of their job description. Whenever necessary, security guards are required to assist customers that come and go from the establishment in order to provide them a pleasant experience. Helping customers to their car, carrying their purchases, and holding doors open are just some of the things security officers do to help consumers.
  4. Taking Calls – After hours when there’s no one left in the office, some security officers are trained to take in calls, so that no caller is left unanswered. Of course, there is a limit to the amount of information or assistance they can provide over the phone, because they’re not trained to take calls the same way customer service specialists are. However, they can provide general information; such as when the store will be open, and whether they have certain products or services available.Taking calls and monitoring Daily Operations is required for job as a security officer
  5. Monitoring Daily Operations – Some of the basic operations that occur on a daily basis are often monitored by security officers and are prepared as a log to be submitted to managers or supervisors. These include worker attendance, comings and goings through entrances, as well as damage to equipment and machines that might be available at the establishment. The reports are submitted on a daily basis, in order to help managers keep tabs on all the different functions that occur during the day.

Being a security officer isn’t all that easy. So are you cut out for the job? Find your place in the industry of security, and start your career on the right foot by keeping these main functions in mind when you find your security officer opportunity.

Think Ahead – 5 Strategies to Help HR Stay Ahead of Employee Engagement Problems

Together Everyone Achieves More - TEAMConstantly having to deal with workers leaving the force too soon? You might be having a few employee engagement problems. By definition, an engaged employee is a worker who is interested in their job, motivated to accomplish his or her allocated duties or more, and dedicated to the company that he or she serves. No doubt, it can be a serious challenge to keep employees from flaking out and quitting, but there are some things that HR professionals can do to see and resolve problems before they end in employee turn-over. Find out how to stay on top of employee engagement issues by trying these fool-proof strategies.


  1. Ask Questions – One of the reasons why HR professionals fail to see employee engagement problems until it’s too late is because they don’t ask the right questions when they can. Conducting a routine survey, and an employee engagement score evaluation after, will help determine how satisfied workers are with their current situation, as well what you can do to help make them feel more dedicated to their jobs.


  1. Keep Track of Progress – Once you’ve understood what’s keeping workers from being fully engaged, you can then come up with new strategies to reduce the problems they experience. But it’s not enough to just try a new tactic. Keeping track of progress or changes will help determine whether the new strategy is working, or if there’s a need for other adjustments.


  1. Communicate – Communication is one of the cornerstones of employee retention, but it can do much more than just keep workers around. Communication provides new perspectives on problems that employees would probably fail to mention through surveys and interviews. Make it a point to engage workers in casual conversation regularly to get a better idea of what they experience on a daily.


  1. Beef Up Incentives – If your employees feel like they’re aptly rewarded for their efforts, the thought of quitting might never even enter their heads. To prevent them from even feeling the need to move companies or look for other employers, develop attractive, useful, and valuable incentives and rewards, that will make them want to stay and work hard.


  1. Practice Servant Leadership – Employees feel much more important if they have a servant leader who proves that he or she cares about the workforce. Aside from being the perfect way to maintain open communication with your employees, this practice also makes it easier for you to put yourself in their shoes for a better understanding of what they go through every day, so you can develop strategies that work.


How well are you preventing employee turn-over? There’s no need to keep losing worthy workers – employee retention relies on you. Try these 5 methods to help prevent employees from abandoning ship and grow a workforce that brings out the best of your business.

Organic All the Way – 5 Practical Reasons to Make the Switch to Organic Beauty Products

Now more than ever, it’s become a major priority for people to look after their health, especially because the threats we encounter every day have become significantly more dangerous. Asian countries are more aggressive when it comes to their efforts in developing more health-conscious products. Organic skin care in Hongkong is particularly advanced and effective, where majority of the available brands boast all-organic formulations. For those who still have a chemical-based products in their makeup kits, it’s high time to make a change. Here are 5 practical reasons why it’s best to switch to all organic beauty

  1. Better for Skin – Using all the wrong products on the face, where the skin is particularly more sensitive, can be a major setback in terms of skin health and clarity. Makeup that doesn’t wash out properly, or that gets absorbed into the pores can cause the development of blemishes, dark spots, and even acne. Using organic makeup products can be a well-deserved change, since they give more vitamins and nutrients, hence better nourishment to the skin for a healthier glow.
  2. Easier on the Pocket – Formulations that use too many chemicals can be more expensive because of the different processes they require in order to make them usable on skin. But organic products necessitate very little process because they’re healthy and effective to begin with. This means manufacturers can reduce the overhead and bring down the retail cost of their products. There are many organic beauty brands that are more affordable, yet that work better, than their non-organic competitors.
  3. Gentle and Effective – Makeup and beauty products that are made from natural ingredients are just as effective (or even more-so) than their chemical-based counterparts, making them a formidable competitor in the cosmetics market. What’s more, unlike chemical-based products, organic options are much gentler, bringing about positive change without overdoing it.
  4. No Side Effects – It’s common to develop side-effects after using chemical-based products, because they’re not always ideal for use on all kinds of skin. There are countless stories of people who developed severe cases of acne because of using the wrong products on their face. Using organic beauty products reduces the chances for side-effects. They may cause negative effects in some cases, but this is usually on people who have certain
  5. Eco Friendly – Processing chemical products does a lot of harm to the environment, especially when they include petroleum in their formulation, since it releases a host of other chemicals in the manufacturing process. Organic products are much less damaging to the environment because the by-products they create naturally occur in the ecosystem.

It’s time to stop using harmful products that don’t do skin any good. Make the switch to organic products, and optimize health for a vibrant and beautiful glow all over.