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Top Tips for Getting the Outside of Your Home As Clean As Possible

Something that many people forget is that it is necessary to clean the outside of your home just like the inside. Cleaning the exterior of a house is far different from cleaning the interior. The task is more demanding even though it is worth the effort. A few tips will help you to get the outside of your home as clean as possible.


Use Water and Vinegar on Your Windows 

You want to start with your windows. A large amount of dirt can stick to the exterior of your windows. The way to handle this is by wiping your windows down with a mixture of water and vinegar. The vinegar helps to prevent streaking. Use a microfiber cloth to buff the windows and remove any tough dirt. You optimally want to have a squeegee handy so that you can finish with a nice clean pass across the glass.

Power Wash Walls, Patios and Decks 

A power washer is your best tool when cleaning the outside of your house. You want to use a water jet power washer to clean the walls regardless of the material. Get into all of the nooks on the exterior walls to dislodge any debris that has been packed inside. You can also use the power washer to clean patios and decks. You should avoid using the power washer for the roof since it could knock tiles, shingles or flashing out of place.

Clean Out the Gutters 

Part of cleaning the outside of your home involves clearing out the gutters. Your gutters can become filled with twigs, leaves and other debris. If they get too full, then your home could sustain water damage because they can no longer drain into the downspout. You want to remove everything from inside the gutter. A way to make this task much easier is to install a basic gutter guard or screen on the top to capture debris.

Gather Up and Dispose Of Debris Piles 

You want to take care of all the debris on the ground. You should make a pile of the leaves, twigs and other items that are scattered around the property. Bag this waste and dispose of it properly. Do not just leave debris sitting on the property. It makes the house less attractive and can potentially become home to pests that will get inside. Keep the ground clean and clear of debris.

Use a Brush to Clean Inside Corners and Edges 

A final tip is to get a firm scrubbing-brush and a bucket of warm water with some cleaning solution mixed in. You want to get down and use the brush to clean inside of corners and edges that are difficult to reach. These could be corners between steps, areas under windows or tight spaces around doors frames. Scrub these areas thoroughly to remove all of the debris possible. This will give your home a bright and clean appearance.

You are going to want to clean the outside of your home at least once each year. Many people clean their houses every other season. A good cleaning can do more than just make the house look more attractive. It can also protect your house against damage from debris and pests.


Should You Buy a Property in Singapore That Needs Repairs? 


In an ideal world, you would be able to quickly and easily locate a property in Singapore to purchase. There are, after all, many options available for you to choose from. However, there are also many buyers who are interested in finding a property to purchase, and there are only a limited number of properties available that actually meet your unique needs for space, features and price. In some cases, a buyer may be faced with the opportunity to purchase a property that is in need of repairs. There are positive and negative impacts associated with this that you may want to consider as you select the best Singapore properties to purchase.


The Cost of the Property

When you are thinking about buying a property that needs repairs in Singapore, you should consider if there is a financial benefit associated with doing so. If the property is priced at a level that is in line with properties that are in better condition, you may want to choose those properties instead of the one in need of attention. You should also monitor property news related to the location to determine if there is upside potential that you may benefit from in the future. For example, if a new shopping mall is going to be built close to the property, this may be a positive or negative factor related to the value as well as how desirable you find the property.




The Cost of the Repairs

The cost of the repair work needed should also be considered. Ideally, you will be able to get a property inspection to firm up the type of the repair work needed and the scope of the project that you will be faced with after you purchase the property. Then, you should take time to gather quotes from contractors to complete the repair work. You may have plans to do the work on your own to save money, but you should negotiate with the seller to ensure that the cost and the total cost of the repair work will bring the property value in line with market value.




Your Time Availability

Whether you are thinking about making the repairs yourself or using a contractor for assistance, you will need to plan to invest some of your time to the project. After all, you may still need to be on the property while the contract workers are there, and you must have time available to communicate, oversee and review the efforts. Your time does have value, and this typically means that the sales price plus repair costs plus the value of your time should all equate to the current market value of the property once it is repaired.




Other Options Available

You may also consider making a market comparison to review other options available. You need to know how much other properties in better condition are selling for. In some cases, you may find that there is a better overall value associated with purchasing a property that does not need repairs versus a property that does need work. You will not be aware of the benefits that other properties have unless you compare all options available to you.

There are instances when buying a property in Singapore that needs repair work completed is a true deal that you do not want to pass up on. However, there are also instances when a property that needs repairs is priced too high or needs too much repair work to make this type of project worthwhile. Make sure to review all of the pros and cons associated with a repair property before you make your final decision about how to proceed.

Five Commonly Asked Questions About Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection is an important step that every homeowner and business owner should take because it really does make a huge difference. Unfortunately, not many people are aware what cathodic protection even means or what it involves. Check out some of the most commonly asked questions about cathodic protection below:



1. What is Cathodic Protection?

Cathodic protection is a method used to help protect metals that are buried deep in the ground from corroding. This is done through either turning the corroding metal into a cathode by an impressed direct current or attaching the metal to a galvanic anode. When cathodic protection is performed well through an impressed current, there must be an external power source employed like solar or AC. This method is also generally applied to those metal units that have large surface areas like storage tanks and transmission pipelines. With galvanic cathodic protection, though, it is all self-powered. That means it is the simplest type of cathodic protection. It’s typically used on metal units found in a soils environment. However, this method can also be employed to those bigger structures found in sea water.





2. How Do We Know That the Cathodic Protection is Effective?

Cathodic protection has been employed for many years to protect underground pipelines, offshore oil platforms,antifouling, shaft grounding found in ship hulls and underground steel storage tanks. That’s because many of these units are exposed to marine environments that are full of ballast water that causes corrosion. With all these years of employing cathodic protection, it’s clear that it really does work to protect your units from corrosion.


How Cathodic Protection Works?

3. Is There Any Maintenance Required Once the Cathodic Protection System is in Place?

As soon as the cathodic protection system is installed, you’ll need to get routine maintenance performed on it. This is typically done yearly. That’s because there is always the possibility for something to go wrong over time. However, with this routine maintenance, you are ensuring for any problems to be caught early on. For those impressed current systems that are used, the maintenance involves a visual inspection of the unit and checks regularly after that. With all the new forms of technology, though, many individuals opt for remote monitoring systems. They feel this is a much more convenient way of having their systems maintained.


4. Does Cathodic Protection Involve a Lot of Electricity?

Many individuals are under the assumption that cathodic protection systems use up a lot of energy since they run continuously. Even though they are left on 24 hours a day, this is not the case. Actually, very little energy is used with your cathodic protection system. That’s because most cathodic protection systems only use between 100 and 1,000 watts of power. This makes having one of these systems much more affordable.



Look for proper training and certifications for the installation.


5. Do Cathodic Protection Systems Have to be Installed by Professionals?

While there is always the option to install your own cathodic protection system, this can be extremely risky. Unless you have the proper training and certifications, installation and maintenance of your system should be left to the experts.

Yun Nam Hair Care Tips for the Clueless

hair care tips

It can be confusing for most women to figure out how to properly take care of their hair; especially when different commercials and advertisements are either advocating for or against some of the most popular things that are advertised online, on TV, or in fliers. Nevertheless, despite the confusion that abounds anywhere someone might look, it isn’t difficult to figure out how someone can properly take care of their hair. Following the tips (provide by Yun Nam Hair Care) below:


The first thing that women and girls need to understand is that they must stop using commercial hair dye. In recent years, there have been more cases of contact dermatitis than there has been in the past. While the term may bring to mind thoughts of dandruff or an irritating rash, such is simply not the case. People who dye their hair with commercial dyes are exposing themselves to paraphenylenediamine (PPD) and its derivitives.


These chemicals are derived from coal tar and have been causing severe reactions that result in facial swelling, rashes, oozing sores, difficulty breathing and (in some cases) coma and death. An allergy to PPD does not occur overnight; it builds up over a period of years and an individual can have a reaction any time they dye their hair.


natural and hypoallergenic hair dye

Dye hair with natural and hypoallergenic color to prevent damage to hair.


However, that is not to say that all hair dyes are bad: henna dyes or henna and indigo dyes are the safest, as they are completely natural and hypoallergenic. People who want to dye their hair but don’t want to use henna should look for brands that are chemical-free and completely natural; made from plant and flower exracts. They can be more pricey than commercial dyes, but they have been proven time and time again to be completely safe.


Natural shampoos and conditioners

Look for natural shampoos and conditioners to minimize the damage to the hair.


Everyone knows that they should wash their hair. However, it does not matter if someone washes their hair once a day or once a week; inexpensive shampoo and items purchased from salons are created using compounds that, while they do clean peoples’ hair, damage it as well. Natural shampoos and conditioners are the best products to purchase; though they are not always easy to find.


If natural shampoo and conditioner are unavailable, then it is important for people to find a brand that is not labeled as “thickening,” “strengthening,” or “for colored/dyed hair,” as these shampoos and conditioners use wax and heavy synthetics to make hair look shinier and thicker, but those ingredients do not do anything but dry hair out. Detergents used in commercial shampoo are also known to contribute to the drying process. Though ingredients such as “pearls” sound expensive in an ingredient list, people should be aware that there are no real, ground-up pearls in their shampoo; those “pearls” are simply a very finely-ground glitter that can come from absolutely anywhere, including mica dust.


Hair spray and mousse

Avoid using hair spray and mousse because it cause hair drying and make it split.


Hair spray and mousse are both products that are known to harm hair; though not for the reason listed on the cannisters (which warn that the products are flammable.) Hair spray and mousse are alcohol-based, which means they are very drying and can cause hair to split. Gel or spray-gel are much safer to use, as long as they do not have alcohol in them; unfortunately, there is no such thing as hair spray that has no alcohol in it. Bee’s wax can also be used, though it works the best on thick hair.

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Used Car in Good Condition For a Long Time

A used car can provide you with a reliable vehicle at an affordable price. If you want to get the most for your money, then you need to maintain the car in the correct way. You should know about several maintenance tips that will keep your second-hand car in good condition for a long time.


Keep Your Used Car Clean

Wash down the exterior, the windows and the tires every few weeks to maintain your vehicle in clean condition.


Keep Your Used Car Clean

The first tip is to simply keep your car clean. You want to wash down the exterior, the windows and the tires every few weeks. You also want to keep the interior clean. This is important because used cars can develop problems with the finish or protective coating on the chassis. Dirt and debris that sticks to the car can wear down the finish. This increases the risk of corrosion and rust developing that could destroy the car.


car care tips


Pay Special Attention to Your Tires

The state of the tires on your second-hand car can affect everything from the transmission and brakes to the handling. Tires that are underinflated or misaligned will slowly start to damage the rest of the vehicle. This is a real problem for used cars with older transmissions, engines and brakes. The way to prevent this is to regularly check your tires to ensure they are properly inflated. You should also get your tires rotated and aligned annually.


change oil

Check and replace the oil frequently if necessary to protect your used vehicle.


Learn To Change the Oil

The oil in a used car is what keeps the engine and other components running smoothly. The parts in a used car could potentially release more debris into the oil than normal. The impurities can damage the engine and cause other problems. Learn how to change the oil yourself. Check the oil frequently looking for an overly thick consistency and signs of debris. Replace it often to protect your used vehicle.


Replace the Air Filter Regularly

Replace the air filter regularly in order to keep your engine work efficiently.


Replace the Air Filter Regularly

The air filter is another essential component in your car that protects your engine against the hazards on the road. The filter will eventually become saturated with dirt and debris so that it does not work efficiently. This can force your engine to work harder than usual just to move the car. The eventual result will be engine failure. Check your air filter and replace it whenever you change the oil to keep your engine working efficiently.


Flush the Radiator Annually

The last thing you want is a used car that is constantly overheating. The cooling system in your car is what prevents this from happening. A second-hand car can sometimes generate more heat than a newer vehicle. You must flush the radiator in the car annually. This means draining out all the coolant and replacing it with fresh liquid. This simply action will keep your car in good condition for a long time.


Check the Fluids Every Couple of Months

Go through and check all the essential fluids in the car every two to three months just to be safe. You want to look at the brake fluid, transmission fluid and power steering fluid. Make certain that the levels are all correct. Add more if necessary. If a fluid seems to be draining away too quickly, then there might be a leak or other problem inside the car that needs professional attention immediately.


check up tips


Get Professional Service Once a Year

A final step is to take your used car in for professional service once a year. All 2nd hand cars for sale need regular tuning and maintenance in order to prevent problems in the future. A mechanic can use diagnostic tools and other equipment to keep all parts of your car working properly. Professional service is key to preserving your used vehicle.


Simple Car Maintenance Prevents Expensive Repairs


You cannot ignore maintenance for your used car at any point. You need take steps to protect the car from the very first week of ownership. If you take the time to perform maintenance regularly, then you are going to be able to enjoy your second-hand car for a long time.

A Guide to Packing for Boarding School

Boarding School

A student’s first time at boarding school is a magical and scary time. When you’re not sure what to expect, you generally don’t know what to pack. Students generally need everything they have at home—just in smaller doses. They need plenty of clothes, toiletries, school supplies and ways to keep entertained in between classes and study session. Sending your child to school with the right tools will help him or her succeed at boarding school.



Pack your own toiletries from home for pleasure purpose from homesick.



Students will need to pack all their own toiletries they might want to use while away at school. Though they will be able to purchase toiletries and hygiene items at a boarding school’s store or the local store in the town the boarding school is located in, students will want the products they enjoy from home too.

Students should pack shampoo, conditioner, soap or body wash, deodorant, moisturizer and haircare products. Girls will want to pack their favourite makeup as well as hygiene items like tampons or sanitary pads.

Parents will also want to make sure students pack their vitamins and any medications they need as they might not be able to get certain medications on short notice in the town where their school is located.


School Supplies

Make sure students prepare pack pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, scrap paper and other before going boarding school.


School Supplies

Students will need all the same school supplies they would need at home while at boarding school. Parents should ensure students pack pens, pencils, notebooks, folders, scrap paper, books the school does not provide, art supplies (if necessary), calculators, rulers and other supplies that students will need to complete their coursework.

Usually, boarding schools send out lists of supplies that students will need throughout their time at school.



Bring photos of friends and families, letters from Mom, Dad and any siblings or friends to be opened only during time of homesickness or sadness.


Emergency Homesick Box

While boarding school can be an exciting time, it’s common for students to feel a little sad or homesick from time to time—especially at first. Since many students attend boarding school in a foreign country, they might not be able to find their favorite products or foods, making homesickness that more unbearable.

Parents should pack their kids’ favorite items to ensure they don’t feel so isolated or scared. They should also send care packages at regular increments so students feel loved and remembered back home.

Some items that students can pack to feel safe during times of homesickness are their favourite candies or snacks, a few of their favourite books or new books by their favourite authors, a laptop with a DVD player to watch some of their favourite movies, photos of friends and families, letters from Mom, Dad and any siblings or friends to be opened only during time of homesickness or sadness, some of Mom’s perfume and one of Dad’s t-shirts.


School Uniforms and Clothes

Kids will need clothes for both classes and weekends. Though the average boarding school provides mandatory uniforms, some allow children to wear school-approved street clothes to classes. Even if the school provides a uniform, children should bring at least two to four outfits to wear on weekends and days off from school. These should be comfortable clothes. Students will also need sleeping attire, like pyjamas for both cold and warm weather, t-shirts, sweatpants and sleep shorts. Some students like to use sleep masks or earplugs to help them sleep in dormitories. Students should bring at least one “dressy” outfit for school dances or parties.



Bring along some DVD and book to keep entertained in boarding school.



While kids will spend the majority of their time socializing and studying at boarding school, they will need ways to unwind. They should bring plenty of books, DVDs, games and other ways of keeping entertained. They should bring a laptop to send regular emails home to Mom and Dad and to stay abreast of current events and news topics, back home and around the world.


What To Bring To Boarding School