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For Healthy, Whiter Skin, Crystal Tomato Is the Secret You’ve Been Waiting For


There’s a new product in Singapore that has many Asians going crazy! A whitening pill called Crystal Tomato is all the rage for darker-skinned people desiring to have a lighter skin complexion. Created by hair and skin specialists, Crystal Tomato in Singapore is quickly becoming the most popular cosmetic product on the market.
There are many skin-whitening products on the market and procedures one can undertake in order to achieve the lighter skin tone they desire. For example, there are lotions and creams you can use or you can see a dermatologist to undergo skin peeling treatments. Crystal Tomato, though, is a simple tablet made with harmless ingredients such as phytoene, phytofluene, and cartoenoids. This product was developed after many years of research have shown these ingredients make Crystal Tomato the best whitening agent on the market.


Besides being a safe product, Crystal Tomato’s natural ingredients have also been shown to provide anti-aging properties. You only take it once a day and provides plenty of benefits, which explains why Crystal Tomato has become extremely popular. In particular, the ingredients were cultivated by scientists to create a tomato rich in carotenoids. The carotenoids then help to take the UVB and UBA in your skin to reduce the dark pigment in the skin and stops new melanin from forming.

Crystal Tomato was developed in laboratories by Israeli scientists who attempted to pull colorless carotenoids from tomatoes to try and create an oral pill that’s safe to ingest. Working on the project was an aid to Singapore’s Health and Science Authority and one of the top cosmetic researchers, Dr. Alain Khaiat.


As previously stated, they engineered Crystal Tomato to only require one pill each day to help build up the necessary concentration to prevent the dark melatonin from forming. For best results, it will take about three months even though others have reported they achieved desired results in one to two months. It depends on your current skin tone and if you take the Crystal Tomato as designed.


Carotenoids Foods

Created with natural ingredients that are already a part of our bodies, there are no side-effects when taking Crystal Tomato. Really it will be like eating three of the specially created tomatoes designed by scientists. That’s it. Along with skin whitening, anti-aging effect, it Crystal Tomato also acts as a natural sunscreen as the ingredients work against the harmful UVB and UVA rays of the sun that harms skin and ages it.

So if you’re not satisfied with the tone of your skin and desire something a bit more fair, there is no better way to do it than Crystal Tomato. Just one pill a day and you will see results anywhere between one to three months, unlocking not just its whitening agents, but anti-aging and natural sunscreen your skin needs to stay young and healthy.

What Are The Best Vitamin Supplements for Hair Loss?


Hair loss can be a major source of embarrassment for most people. The average hair loss ranges from 50 to 100 hairs per day. However, if you shed more than this amount, you may have noticed that your hair has started to thin in certain spots on your head.

One of the main causes of hair loss is a vitamin deficiency. In fact, a vitamin or mineral deficiency usually involves your hair before it affects other parts of your body. Even if you eat healthy, it’s still hard to get the correct amount of vitamins needed for healthy hair growth. If you’re concerned about losing your hair, here are some of the best vitamin supplements for hair loss.


Retinol or Vitamin A

Although the main job of Vitamin A is for promoting eye health, this antioxidant also encourages healthy, strong hair. Also called retinol, Vitamin A produces an oil substance known as sebum, which helps protect your hair from dryness and breakage.

It also attacks free radicals that can weigh your hair down. Don’t exceed more than 2,500 IUs as there’s an increased threat of developing osteoporosis or other bone diseases.


Biotin or B-Complex Vitamins 

The B-complex vitamin, also known as Vitamin H, is one of the best supplements for developing shiny, healthy and strong hair. In addition to making your hair more flexible, this vitamin also protects your hair from dryness, so it’s less likely to suffer from split ends.
What’s more, biotin helps delays your hair from turning gray as a result of aging. Just be sure not to consume more than 10 mg.

Inositol or Vitamin B8 

Inositol, also known as Vitamin B8, is helpful in hair loss prevention. This water-soluble vitamin also helps in promoting healthy cell membranes. It contains antioxidant properties that help protect hair follicles from damage, as well as encourage healthy, strong hair.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another antioxidant that is effective in counteracting free radicals. By helping blood circulation, Vitamin E increases your oxygen, so your body produces new hair. While you need at least 400 IUs each day, too much can cause blood thinning and bleeding. Be sure you only take what’s recommended by your doctor.


An iron deficiency can lead to your hair falling out. If you think you may not be getting enough iron, get a blood test. Again, first consult your doctor before taking an iron supplement because too much iron can hurt your health.

Considerations and Warnings

Inositol supplements can help people suffering from Trichotillomania, which is a disorder that causes people to pull out their hair impulsively.
• Although Vitamin A is one of the best vitamin supplements for hair loss, too much of it can cause toxicity and actually result in hair loss.
• Be sure you eat a balanced diet that contains enough fruits, vegetables, whole grains, proteins, healthy oils and nuts.
Never comb wet hair because doing so can pull out your hair. After your hair has dried, use a wide-toothed comb to untangle it.
• Seeing more hair than normal fall out after shampooing and combing your hair can be a sign of hair loss. Other clues are noting large amounts of hair on your pillowcase, clothing or hairbrush.
• If your hair loss has continued for more than six months, consult a physician or dermatologist and have your blood levels checked to determine any possible deficiencies or underlying conditions.

As with any type of vitamin supplement, you should always check with your doctor before taking them. By eating a healthy diet and taking the right supplements for hair loss, you can help stop hair loss and prevent your hair from turning gray too soon.


Steps You Should Take To Find the Best Used Honda Possible



Honda cars are incredibly popular in Singapore and around the world. The brand is known for affordability, durability and convenience. Hondas also tend to be very economical both in total cost of ownership and in fuel efficiency. Used Hondas can last for decades with proper care. You need to take a few steps to find the best used Honda possible.




Gather information before you purchase the vehicle.


Do Your Research First

The very first step to take is to do your research. There are many different types of Hondas still on the roads today. You can choose between a coupe and a sports utility vehicle. There are two door and four door Hondas. Go through the different models and find the one that bests suits your lifestyle and needs. Review the different model years to see if there are particular ones to avoid. This will make it easier to narrow down your choices.


Check for Signs of Misuse

The popularity of Hondas extends across all types of people. Hondas are commonly used by people as street racing vehicles because they are affordable, durable and handle well. You want to check any used Honda for signs of misuse that could indicate it was once a street-racing vehicle. You are looking for misaligned panels, strange noises from the engine or handling issues. Hondas that have been misused often have difficult to detect problems with the engine, frame and other parts.



Double check paperwork (legally owns & right to sell) to prevent many potential problems after making purchase.


Double Check the Paperwork

The popularity of Honda vehicles around the world also makes them a prime target for criminals. Hondas are regularly stolen, stripped for parts or pieced together from stolen parts. This is why it is important to double-check the paperwork from the seller. You want to see unambiguous documents showing that the seller legally owns the car and has the right to sell it. You also want to see a vehicle history or maintenance log if possible. Double-checking the paperwork will prevent many potential problems later.



Inspected your Honda vehicle before purchasing it.


Get the Honda Inspected

Something that sets Honda cars apart from most others in Singapore is that they are easy to inspect and maintain. You do not want to rely on the word of the seller about the condition of the car. Have any Honda you are interested in buying inspected before finalising the sale. Use your own independent mechanic for the inspection. You want to know whether there is water damage, frame damage or problems inside the engine that are hard to detect.


Honda Accord Hidden Feature


Look For Features and Modifications

You want to look for the installed features and any modifications when choosing a used Honda in Singapore. Some used Hondas might not have the features that would normally come with the vehicle. Some might have extra features installed by previous owners. Know what you are really getting before buying. Additionally, ask if any modifications were made to the Honda. Previous owners might have changed the engine, transmission or other parts. Extensive modifications could make maintenance more difficult.



Finally, go for a test drive to decide the final decision of your purchase.


Go On A Test Drive

The final step is to go on a test drive before you buy the Honda. A test drive lets you see whether the car is really what you want. You can check whether the seats are comfortable. Drive around to test the acceleration, braking and handling. Start the engine cold and listen for odd sounds. Look for blue exhaust smoke that could indicate oil leaks. Always schedule a test drive before you decide to purchase a Honda.

A used Honda is one of the best choices you can make when trying to pick a vehicle for everyday use. You will be purchasing a car that is reliable, safe and durable. Take your time when selecting a Honda in order to find the vehicle that is exactly right for you.

The Role of Anodes in Deepwater Cathodic Protection


Simply put, corrosion is defined as the process or action of corrosive chemical behaviour, which is a progressive modifi-cation or deterioration due marine growth prevention system, antifouling system, copper anodes
to chemical oxidation.

When it comes to certain job responsibilities and daily tasks many people associate the process of corrosion to the wasting away or rusting of a pipe that’s buried beneath the ground. And so, corrosion can be thought of as the way natural forces continuously try to restore the developed works of humans to revert back to their original state of natural symmetry. Therefore, when it comes to a buried pipe, the process of corrosion is the earth and surrounding natural elements simply trying to restore the existing iron within the steel pipe to its original constant form of native iron ore or iron oxide.

The kind of corrosion that most people are familiar with and the kind that causes the most amount of damage to a buried pipe is known as electrochemical corrosion. This type is also commonly referred to as galvanic corrosion and sometimes known as electrolysis.

Using Anodes in Cathodic Protection

Sacrificial anodes’ are often used in cathodic protection systems. The anode consists of metal alloy containing a more active voltage than the structure’s metal it’s protecting, or the cathode. When it comes to potential, the difference between either metal indicates that the material of the sacrificial anode will corrode rather than the structure itself. This process successfully stops how the oxidation process reacts to the structure’s metal that’s being protected.

Also, there needs to be two other existing conditions in addition to the cathode and anode in order for the sacrificial anode process to work. Essentially, there needs to be a return existing path for the electrons to properly flow from the said anode to the targeted material it’s intended to protect (physical contact is the most common way) and an electrolyte (i.e. humidity or water) to transmit the electrons.

Sacrificial Anodes

Sacrificial anodes usually come in three different metals: zinc, aluminium, and magnesium. Of the three, magnesium contains the most negative electro-potential and is more appropriate for on-shore pipelines since electrolyte (water or soil) resistivity is considerably higher. However, if the difference in electro-potential is too much, the cathode (protected surface) can possibly become brittle or sometimes cause the coating to “disbond”.

Aluminium and zinc are typically used in salt water since the resistivity is usually lower. General uses include the hulls of boats and ships, in salt-water-cooled-down marine engines, inside the walls of storage tanks, on small boat rudders and propellers, and on offshore production platforms and pipelines.
The main benefits of using sacrificial anodes include the following:

• Easy to install
• No external power source required
• Overprotection is highly unlikely
• The low voltage and current that runs between the protected surface and the anode rarely produces stray current
• Monitoring and inspection is easy for trained staff

On the other hand, there are some disadvantages as well such as a restricted current capacity relative to the anode’s mass, ineffectiveness regarding high-resistivity environments, increased water and air flow on moving structures (i.e. ships), and more weight on the structure being protected as well. Find out more at

Prevent Crime, Don’t Help It Grow

Scan through the online or print newspapers and one can clearly read about incidents of crime and concerns over rising violence in Malaysia.

This reminded me of a conversation I had some years back when I was in London. At an evening out, the conversation shifted to where I was from and what I was doing in the UK.

That led to one elderly gentleman reminiscing about a long-gone era when the British could leave home with their doors unlocked and needn’t fear burglaries happening, but not anymore.

The gentleman was not being racist. Far from it, he said the current immigrants to the UK from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and other third world countries had actually improved English cuisine. However, he was upset that the new immigrants flouted the law with impunity as well.

Inspiring Story: Datuk Vinod Sekhar

Reports and statistics back then – and this was sometime in 2002, showed that these immigrants were mainly caught for petty crimes such as riding the underground without buying a ticket, stealing money from newsstands, and the like.

I am not sure what the situation is in the UK today, but if our media is anything to go by, the rising number of crimes in Malaysia is by no means petty. Shootings, murders, rape, and snatch-theft with deathly consequences … the list goes on.

Whilst I would love to blame the police like most do for the current situation, we must ask ourselves if we are doing enough as individuals to curb crime?

My neighbour, Chong, says yes we are, because he purchased mobile phones for all his three teenage school children so they can call for help if they were ever in trouble. Will this really help if, God forbid, any of them were kidnapped? I doubt it.

I believe we should take precautions and be aware of our surroundings wherever we are. I fear this is not happening. How often have we seen near accidents as people walk the streets while texting on their phones?

Interesting Reading: Petra Group

Such occurrences are common enough. So what’s to stop anyone making off with a young lady’s handbag whilst she texted away? This is precisely what I mean when I ask if we are doing enough to curb crime, or are we instead inviting it?

Statistics prove that crime in any country gets worse when the local economy slows. So we can expect crime in Malaysia to grow in tandem with the waning economy. My advice is to text less, keep a lookout wherever you are, and be aware of your surroundings. You just might save yourself from becoming a victim!

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Four Easy Steps For Youthful Looking Skin


As we get older, we start to find ourselves invested in ways we can keep ourselves feeling and looking young. We start dieting and try to exercise more, but what steps do we take to keep our skin looking youthful? It takes proper skincare steps such as cleaning, moisturizing, and exfoliating to keep our face and other areas of our skin looking great at all time.

This article looks to help you improve the look of your skin in four easy steps, some of them organic for those who are concerned keeping things natural. The way you choose to take care of your skin should be decided by the kind of skin you have. If you have either oily, dry, sensitive, sun damaged, or normal skin, the type of product you use may be different than you think. So the first step is determining what kind of skin you have.



Find the right types of cleansing that your kind your skin will respond to.


Step #1: Cleansing

You can find a decent cleanser at any drugstore, but the trick is finding the right kind your skin will respond to. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on fancy brands or the soaps, which tend to only succeed in drying out the skin. If you’re the organic type, a simple ingredient that will work is simply yogurt or even milk.

If you cleanse your skin too often, you run the risk of over-doing it. Washing just once per day is enough to remove sunscreen, make-up, and other pore-clogging substances. For dry skin, a decent cold cream will do or you can make your own. You just simply apply the product and wipe it off. A lot of women enjoy just using warm tap water to open pores and clean the dirt, but the purists think using water is a bad idea. Water from the tab typically has chemicals and rough minerals that do nothing to clean the right way.



There are few types of exfoliation, choose the one that suitable for you.


Step #2: Exfoliate

A widely skipped process of skin care, exfoliation is necessary for its health and will give you immediate results if you do not do it often. It’s often noticed that men have a more youthful appearance than women. The main reason for that is because men inadvertently exfoliate often when they shave.

There are several options to choose from when looking for the perfect way to exfoliate. The first is a facial scrub. You can even make your own scrub with brown sugar and oil. The second is by using a simple washcloth. Apply a recommended dose of cleanser and add a tiny bit of sugar to the cloth and apply in a nice circular motion. The third way is by purchasing a microdermabrasion kit. And finally, forth is with a chemical peel, which can take an entire year off your face with a simple one-hour treatment.



Moisturising help your skin to become soft and make you look younger.


Step #3: Moisturize

If there’s one thing you need to invest in if you have dry skin, it’s moisturizer. Your skin should tell you how often it needs to be moisturized. For example, if your skin is tight, then you definitely need the help a moisturizer can provide. It’s especially important to get a moisturizing regimen down in the winter when the air is the driest and causes your skin the most problems. Just be careful not to over-do it or else it can clog your pores, defeating the purpose.



Apply sunscreen to protect your skin from sun damage.


Step #4: Sunscreen

The most common source of damage and wrinkles to the skin is damage from the sun. This step can go along with number three where you can find a moisturizer that has sunscreen mixed in with it. Even on cloudy winter days, it’s still a good idea to apply a good SPF 30 sunscreen.

A good place to start looking for these types of products is online or at your local drug store. Websites allow you to find brands you may not even know exist from other countries that excel at skincare. For example, you can find natural Korean skincare products that include, makeup removers, scrubs, face masks, cleanser, and great, deep moisturizers you may not be able to find anywhere else. It’s important to shop around. Doing a little research now will help you find the best make up products to make sure your skin is healthy, youthful, and radiant year-round.


Night Skincare Routine In 4 Easy Steps