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EARNING THE DISTINCTION / What is Privilege Banking?

In the banking sector, there are customers whom you may call the privileged few. The group is composed of noteworthy individuals, if not captains of industry, who excel in a particular career and are “rich” as a result of professionalism, hard work and dedication to their craft. If you belong to this set of prominent individuals, you deserve dedicated attention and access to premium banking products and services reserved for the chosen-few.
Most private banks grants customers certain benefits in appreciation of loyalty but privileged clients are given extra-special perks which goes beyond loyalty. The benefits of privilege banking are not mere lip service but are genuine and tangible. Many individuals dream of aspirational lifestyles counting among others as a major component is setting financial goals.1
What is Privilege Banking?
The products and services for the elite customers are aimed to match your status and lifestyle. Your basket is full of enviable treats that will bring you to the top of the world.
• Membership Criteria
You need to meet the minimum level of deposit or placement to become eligible and gain access to a comprehensive range of bank products and services.
• Personalized Service
As one of the premier clients, you will be given dedicated service in all your financial requirements and transactions. • Preferential Rates
You are entitled to receive preferential rates in your funding requests or when you avail of any and all types of loan (business, education, personal, home, and automotive).
• Premium Cards
Credit cards are no longer status symbols because a greater majority use the plastic for daily purchases. What will differentiate you from the rest is the card you carry. Only the chosen-few have the metal cards to show. Your card is accepted worldwide and comes with rewards, bonuses and perks during business or leisure travels.
• Wealth Management & Investment Advisory
Exclusive depositors are provided wealth management solutions to assist in crafting the most suitable financing plan for your family’s future. On the other hand, the investment advisory services keep you abreast and not miss out on current investment opportunities.2
Privilege banking does not belittle the value and contribution of regular customers. However, some clients deserve to be extended special treatment as a way of recognizing their imbued status in society. Of course, many people are unaware why banks treat certain people in certain ways. It’s really a private matter only a few will understand.

Overseas Pre-Wedding Photography: Make Lasting Memories

More often than not, brides and grooms nowadays make it a point to include a pre-wedding photo and video coverage as one of the major requirements for their wedding day preparations. Most photo and video wedding packages not only include the wedding day coverage, but it also consists of a pre-wedding or prenuptial engagement or E-session.

Based on the couple’s choice of a theme or concept, the prenup pictorial and video filming can be done either outdoor or indoor. Most soon-to-be-wed pairs go for outdoor locations such as picturesque beach sceneries, nature spots, or famous landmarks. Indoor photo shoots can be more intimate and sublime depending on the idea of the couple.

For those who are more adventurous, (and those who have extra budget to spare), having an overseas pre-wedding photography is definitely a must-try. Here are three reasons this idea is great:

  1. Get to visit one country in your bucket list

Travelling is always a luxury, and what better way to enjoy a vacation than to spend it with your husband-to-be or wife-to-be. Couples can always choose their favorite destination, but it’s more fun to explore and discover new places and attractions while you’re having the time of your life in your prenuptial photo and video session.

  1. Advance honeymoonConsider it as an early or advanced honeymoon, and celebrate early for your upcoming union.

Consider it as an early or advanced honeymoon, and celebrate early for your upcoming union. Just like what the cliche says, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

  1. New memories together

Marriage is something that is built with memories, and enjoying your days before your wedding in another country is an opportunity to create priceless moments together. While enjoying the fun of your engagement photo and video session, you can always find the extra time to unwind, relax and visit the famous tourist attractions of that country.

If you and your future spouse are ready for some fun time before your wedding, taking your E-session abroad or overseas is a great thing to do. You’ll be able to travel and enjoy, and spending more time with your other half is certainly the best thing in the world!

There’s a War For Your Health, And Your Food Temperature Is The Key To Winning It

Introduction – Preserving The Nourishment That Sustains Us

Food and water are vital to our survival – this goes without saying. Despite our necessity of requiring constant and periodic nourishment – both solid and liquid – such nourishment, if not preserved, treated, and stored properly, can have the exact opposite effect. It can leave us sick, poison our bodies, and leave us feeling sour, both physically and mentally.


The Dangers of Spoiled Nourishment.

People have sought means to guard themselves against what is known as food poisoning for millennia. Slowly but steadily they learned the nature of food spoilage – the cause of food poisoning. Methods and understandings were developed to delay, mitigate, and detect it – for it was, in fact, the diseases spread by spoiled food that can be both painful and dangerous to one’s survival.


The Importance of Food Temperature Measurement and Management.

One of the most straightforward and efficient means of combating food spoilage (the cause of food poisoning), is to enact a process of strict food temperature management. To simplify, maintain the temperature of stored consumables to appropriate standards that are specific to the consumable in question, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO).


Not every consumable (condiments, frozen meats, vegetables, etc.) necessarily needs to, or can, be stored at the same temperature. And some consumables have a longer shelf life than others, so it’s important to know the self-life and recommended storage practices for each consumable.


Some condiments can be stored at room temperature almost indefinitely, like ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce. Others, like mayonnaise, must be refrigerated after opening. Meats must always be stored frozen in a freezer until thawed to cook. Afterward, they must be re-thawed, or thrown away, since meats contain frozen bacterium and are the most likely type of food to cause disease if mishandled.


In Conclusion.

Being vital for survival, food and edibles need proper management and use to prevent food poisoning. Spoiled food is robbed of the very nutrients necessary to survival and instead causes our bodies to rot away with disease and discomfort.

Tying the Knot the Vegan Style: 5 Delicious Vegan Dishes to Have on Your Wedding Day

Image result for Tying the Knot the Vegan Style: 5 Delicious Vegan Dishes to Have on Your Wedding Day

Wedding experts say there are three things that guests tend to remember the most in a marriage ceremony. First, the heartfelt recitation of vows. Second, the bride’s dress and third and foremost, the food.

You don’t want to give your guests a stomachache, so it is only important that you carefully plan the menu. But what if you’re planning to go vegan? Here are totally delicious vegan ideas your omnivore guests would not even notice.

  1. Vegan dessert bar

Image result for Vegan dessert bar

Your non-vegan friends will surely appreciate your vegan chocolate brownie, sorbet, and dark chocolate cake when they taste great. There are companies in Singapore that could serve these yummy vegan desserts on your wedding day.

  1. Stir-fried Black Pepper Steak

Image result for Stir-fried Black Pepper Steak vegan

There’s one vegan caterer in Singapore that offers this recipe on their menu. How did they make the steak 100 percent vegan? That’s for you to find out. But in most cases, chefs use seitan or texturized vegetable protein as an alternative.

  1. Salad with Tempeh

Image result for Salad with Tempeh

Many vegan chefs use tempeh as an alternative to meat, thanks to its nutty and satisfying taste. Tempeh is an extra-chewy type of tofu that boasts a rich and meaty taste that has the consistency similar to chicken nuggets.

  1. Vegan wine bar

Image result for Vegan wine bar

It’s easy to assume that all wines are vegetarian because they are composed of processed grapes. However, most wines go through a clarifying process where they are exposed to non-vegetarian products such as milk protein and fish bladder. Unlike the ordinary wines, vegan wines used mineral-based agents and not animal byproducts. Consider checking out companies selling vegan wine online.

  1. Pasta pesto

Image result for Pasta pesto

Your menu would not be complete without pasta. Give your guests a hearty meal with a serving of pasta pesto, loaded with healthy ingredients like sun-dried tomatoes, veggie broth, red peppers, and olives.

There are so many vegan restaurants in Singapore and caterers that offer an entirely vegetarian or vegan menu that will suit your budget, so you don’t have to worry about having a vegan wedding. Once you’re done taking care of the food, contact this bridal house in Singapore to get an idea about the best dress. As much as you want to please your guests, you also have to look glamorous on your special day!

5 Growing Industries Where You Can Find a Perfect Job in Sandakan

Sandakan is a famous tourist destination in Malaysia. The second largest city of Sabah, Sandakan has a history as a British Settlement and a center of trade and export. Nowadays, because of the rich colonial architecture and Sandakan’s strength in maintaining natural resources, Sandakan has become a destination for culture and eco-tourism. More than 500,000 local and international tourists come to Sandakan, and many decide to start careers there, but face the problem of not knowing where to find jobs in Sandakan. To assist in finding the right job, here is a list of 5 industries growing in Sandakan in which you can move forward or begin a brand new career.


  1. Manufacturing

Majulah Industrial Centre, a grand industrial park, is recently opened in Sandakan and providing a space for the growing manufacturing industry. All types of products are produced here including edible oil, glue factories, wood-based factories, and many others. Aside from manpower, employers are seeking engineers and project associates.

  1. Travel

The eco-tourism and travel industry in Sandakan is at the top of their game with more and more tourists set to explore the city. Zoos, amusement centers, ecological parks, and travel agencies are always in need of fresh graduates and professionals to add to their teams.

  1. Food and Beverage

Sandakan has always been a hotbed of cuisine with a mix of Malaysian, European and Chinese Cuisine. As the tourism industry grows, food establishments have been popping up serving all types of dishes and desserts to cater to the growing market.

  1. Construction

As Sandakan’s population and business are growing, more houses, buildings, and factories are being built. Now, there are demands for skilled engineers, project managers, contractors, and construction workers in Sandakan. Construction is a great industry to start a career in.

  1. Sales

Sales is a skill that can be used across different industries and is an industry all of its own. Sandakan has a demand for personable and analytical sales professionals who can market and sell everything from palm oil, real estate, and construction supplies, among many others.


While you may think it can be difficult to find a job in the beautiful and serene Sandakan, don’t fret. Check out these five industries on this list and pursue your dream job today.

3 Simple Tips To Help You Securely Set Up IT Configurations in Your Office

T Being a thriving and successful owner in Singapore is great. You have worked hard to achieve this. But to protect your success, you need to be able to set up IT configurations in your office securely.

An important part of IT security is using mobile device management. You have a right to manage mobile devices used for your business to know exactly what is going on and to limit unauthorized usage. You don’t have to allow access to every employee regarding sensitive information because you don’t want this kind of information to get into the wrong hands. Those in higher positions of trust and authority can have access, while you can limit such access from reaching the hands of more basic employees if you so desire.

So here we share some helpful tips in relation the security of your office IT services.1

  1. When you are in the process of creating and implementing management policies for the mobile devices of your company, you should resort to being what is termed as the admin. Install your permissions under the admin center section labeled as security and compliance.2
  2. Be informed about the mobile devices, security settings, and apps. This will ensure that you can activate and set up MDM properly.3
  3. You will want to formulate security groups that take into inclusion the users whom you wish to deploy the security policies to. At the same time, be mindful also of users whom you wish to keep from being blocked.

These tips should help you keep focused on the need for real security and how to achieve this about securely setting up IT configurations in your office. The truth is when this is done right, and promptly, you will have more peace of mind about the sensitive information of your company.