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IT’S NOT ALWAYS SUNNY – Where to Start Managing Your Finances When You Don’t Have a Job

When you don’t have a job or just lost one, a personal financial crisis looms ahead. Managing your savings until a new job prospect comes along is quite challenging. Besides having to limit personal spending, you need to look for other ways to at least stop your funds from drying out while waiting. With financial uncertainty, your likely option is to inquire about high-interest deposit accounts – in case you have savings.


However, if your savings is scarce and no steady stream of income is forthcoming, it would be in your best interest to act decisively. Start managing your funds and follow these tips for proper direction.


Where to Start Managing Your Finances When You Don’t Have a Job


  1. Scale Down Spending

Your first call-to-action is to control your personal spending. The loss of a job means you no longer have disposable income to spare. A lifestyle change is definitely in order. Avoid spending in little pleasures at all costs. Your spending is down to the necessities, as it’s the prudent way to start managing your funds.


  1. Work On A Budget

When you didn’t care about budgeting before, working on a budget this time is the only way to go. Set a budget to allocate funds for specific use only. Accounting for every cash outlay will begin a habit of cautious spending. If successful, you will see that things are affordable after all because you’ve accounted for every expense.


  1. Avoid Debt

There is a strong tendency to borrow when you are tight on the pocket. Remember that the absence of a steady income and additional loan to be repaid will only worsen your financial situation. Understand that you are already in a tight fix.


  1. Apply For A New Job

Waste no time in searching or applying for a new job. Your objective is to bounce right back to mainstream employment. Take your network list or contacts as there might be people on your list who can help you find a suitable job. Think of your situation as a temporary setback.


  1. Update Your Resume

Looking for a new employment is looking for a fresh start. Update your resume by enumerating the things you have accomplished since your last work. Include your new skills and qualifications.


The rules on personal finance never change. Spending beyond your means is the basic ‘not to’ in money management. When you lose a job, and financial disaster hits, you have no one to blame but yourself. Make saving a habit and learn to place your money in high-interest deposit accounts. A lot is at stake, including your future.




How to Break Into the Advertising Industry: 5 Practical Tips for Young Aspiring Professionals

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is stumbling from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” The quote is a good tenet for young guns aspiring to enter the world of advertising. Digital advertising is creating quite a stir in Malaysia. The going trend these days is the shift from the traditional media – TV and radio, periodicals – to online media. Many young professionals now search for advertising jobs in Malaysia, whether it’s for traditional or online media. There are plenty of opportunities and once you get started, there would be more opportunities that will come to you.

Successful advertising translates into ringing cash registers. But work in the field of advertising is highly competitive. Take your time to digest these valuable tips if you desire to make it inside the industry.

  1. Persistence is a virtue : Manage your expectations and do not be easily disappointed. The minute you are discouraged, you trim down your chances of getting hired or even being considered. Persistence is the key. Be prepared for an eyeball to eyeball confrontation. Rejection is a natural occurrence and the only way to get through is just to keep pushing.Persistence in searching for advertising job in Malaysia
  2. Socializing is an Art : Make socializing your daily habit. Advertising is not for the lame and the lazy. Fill up your day with people interaction. Meet people over a cup of coffee. Surround yourself with like-minded people. The industry has taken on a new turn with the dawn of social networking. Create accounts in social media sites like Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, and other well-known social media outlets. Cover all grounds if you want more chances of making it in.
  3. Brand Yourself : Branding is critical in this day and age of advertising. Why do you think Coca-Cola was able to maintain its status as one of the world’s most valuable brands? In the same light, you should be able to build an image for yourself. Be a firebrand. Be someone who is passionate in your craft. Be someone who can incite change and take radical action if need be.Branding is critical in this day and age of advertising while looking for this kind of job
  4. Learn from the Experts : Nothing beats experience. People who have established careers in advertising took the high road to success. Look for that role model you can emulate and learn from. Newbies who are eager to learn gets it done. Beggars can’t be choosers so as a rookie, get your foot in the door first. On the job training is the best opportunity. Slowly but surely, make yourself valuable to the agency. It is just a matter of positioning yourself and when the right job comes up your alley then you are ready to pounce on the opportunity.
  5. Think Out of the Box : Seasoned advertisers are creative, resourceful, and adventurous. You can be one if you operate outside your comfort zone. Concentrate on improving your communication skills, both written and verbal. Advertising is about selling ideas. If you are able to articulate ideas in a clear and concise fashion, then people should be able to recognize your potential.Advertising is about selling ideas and you have to think out of box when getting this job

The advertising industry is a ruthless industry. It is ruthless in a sense that people create so much noise to be noticed. An upstart like you needs to understand fully the complexities of your chosen career. Catapult yourself in the mainstream if you want to get ahead and take advantage of the opportunities within the advertising industry.

6 Important Benefits Of Using Natural And Organic Skin Care Products

natural-skin-care-2It’s a well-known fact that the majority of the skin care and beauty products in the market today contain a lot of artificial ingredients. The drawback of using too many artificial ingredients in these products is that they can harm the user’s skin instead of helping it get healthier. With that said, people who want safer ways to take care of their skin are advised to use natural skin care products instead. Below are some of the most important benefits of applying organic and natural skin care items:


  1. They don’t contain harsh chemicals. These chemicals are the main reasons for a lot of the side effects people experience when using skin care products. People who go organic don’t have to worry about these side effects. Those who have a very sensitive skin susceptible to allergies are also advised to use organic products to avoid complications. Some of the most harmful chemicals present in artificial skin care products include formaldehyde, parabens, and phthalates.


  1. They exude natural and fresh fragrance. Natural fragrances are always much better compared to man-made aromas because they are easier on the nose and they usually last longer. And of course, the natural fragrance doesn’t have any toxic effects either to the skin or to the lungs.


  1. They contain valuable nutrients that give the skin a healthier look. The skin absorbs some of the things it gets in contact with. This can be dangerous if the skin care product contains too many artificial ingredients. However, if the product is organic, it can be helpful in reinvigorating the skin. For instance, a natural olive oil contains vitamin E which is a very important nutrient the body needs.


  1. They are eco-friendly. In simple terms, they don’t cause harm to the environment or the air. Everything, from the ingredients to the fragrance, is natural so they blend well with the environment. Even if large quantities of them are released out there, they don’t cause any damage because they will eventually break down naturally and safely.


  1. They don’t endanger other people. Some artificially-made skin care products can be toxic especially to small children and pets. They can be poisonous if ingested internally. If the product is manufactured using organic ingredients, there’s much less risk of poisoning.


  1. They help in improving the livelihood of small organic farmers. People who patronize organic skin care items are not only helping the businesses that manufacture them. They are also helping the small farmers who cultivate the plants needed to produce the ingredients. Many organic farms shut down because there’s very little support for their efforts. This problem won’t exist if more people buy the natural products manufactured from the organic plants they raise and cultivate.


In a nutshell, organic and natural skin products are completely worth it, given the numerous benefits they provide for the user. They are also not difficult to find, especially today where the market for organic products is quickly growing like never before. Furthermore, people who can’t find the items in physical stores can always seek them online. Many manufacturers of organic skin care items have embraced e-commerce to meet the demand for their products. In short, these items are easy to find and purchase.


Fine Tuning Your Profession – 6 Career Changing Advantages of Taking Professional Courses

professional-coursesBy definition, a ‘professional course’ is a college level educational program that’s designed to prepare those who take it to assume specific jobs and professions in the future. These are job-specific courses that will guarantee that graduates will get the specific job their course has trained them for once they complete the program. In Malaysia, more and more students are opting for professional courses as opposed to generalized college programs that confuse them with options after graduation. Why exactly should students choose to take professional courses in Malaysia over other educational options? These 6 career-changing advantages should convince you why.


  1. Clear Cut Career Plan – After graduating from a course that allows multiple career options, which path should you take? Often, this is a major problem for a lot of graduates who don’t anticipate the struggle of choosing from a pool of different job opportunities. With a professional course, students can have a clear cut career plan for themselves, knowing exactly which steps to take after they receive their diploma.


  1. Complete Skill Set – When you take a professional course, you will be given the complete skill set you need in order to accomplish the duties that your job entails. That’s because these are profession-specific details that you can’t learn anywhere else. This aptly prepares graduates for the professional world, knowing they have all the skills needed to get the job done right.


  1. Higher Salary – Because of the semi-specialized skills and knowledge that professional course graduates obtain, they are commonly granted higher salaries compared to graduates who have non-specific college training.


  1. Sure Employment – An occupational therapy graduate, for instance, would have more chances of finding a job as an occupational therapist than a business administration graduate who may or may not fit into certain jobs. Professional course graduates almost always find a job instantly after graduating because they know where to go.


  1. Shorter Learning Curve – Graduates of general courses often need to learn specific skills and abilities when hired for a job, making them clumsy and requiring lots of training before they can be left alone to work. But because professional course graduates already have profession-specific knowledge, they can adjust faster to the work environment without trouble.


  1. Simple Career Progression – It’s easier to determine where you want to take your career next if you take up a professional course. That’s because the first stepping stone is often predetermined, narrowing down your career options as you work your way up the ladder.


Professional courses are very beneficial, especially for the career-conscious individual. Remember these 6 advantages when you start to look for the college course for you and make the right decision by choosing a professional course for your future.

The Couple That Does Yoga Together, Stays Forever. 5 Yoga Poses For Couples


Valentine’s Day is looming. Instead of the usual dinner and movie date most Malaysian lovebirds would do, try something out of the ordinary and join a yoga class as a couple! Doing yoga together could strengthen your relationship and make you grow closer to your partner. Check out the top five yoga poses for couples to try:1

  1. Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel Pose / Flying Bow)


With this pose, you’re going to put all of your trust in your partner and believe in his strength. Your partner will lie down on his back with his knees bent, before placing his feet on your lower back, grabs onto your shoulders, and slowly lift you up in the air. Try to relax and enjoy the moment during this pose.2

  1. Anuvittasana (Assisted Backbend)


This is another movement that requires your partner to slightly lift you up off the ground. Standing back-to-back to each other, you and your partner hook elbows before he bends his knees and slowly leans forward as you lean on his back, lifting your feet off the ground. With each pose, the two of you hold your breaths.3

  1. Ustrasana & Halasana (Camel Pose & Plow)


This move requires you to be flexible as you’ll be doing a bit of bending over. You lie on your back on the ground before lifting your legs up, stretching as far as your head goes (try to touch the floor if possible). Your partner sits on his knees facing the opposite direction and leans his back on you.4

  1. Baddha Konasana (Bound Angle Pose)


One of the easiest couple pose, this move requires you and your partner to sit back-to-back, while keeping your feet together. As your partner slightly leans forward, you lean on his back and hold for five to ten breaths. Repeat the move by taking turns.5

  1. Ardha Matsyendrasana (Seated Body Twist)


Another easiest yoga pose for couples, the move requires you to be seated back-to-back with your partner, legs crossed and slowly twisting each other’s body in the opposite direction. Inhale and exhale as you and your partner turns to the opposite direction. Synchronize your breaths.

As they say, couples that do yoga together, stay forever. With these intimate yoga poses for couples, you can strengthen your relationship and grow closer to your partner. Today, enroll in yoga class in Malaysia that caters to couples who want to do yoga together. Make it more intimate by asking for private classes!

6 Valentine’s Day Original Gift Ideas That Your Cyclist Beau Will Absolutely Love

Janvier Hadi  of Rawanda was in the break, and would take the most aggressive jersey. Photo: Casey B. Gibson |

Valentine’s Day is a timely occasion to show your affection to your special someone. With more and more people getting enthused in the world of cycling, surprising your biking aficionado with cycling stuff on Valentine’s Day will surely be a real treat. There are many things that you can get for your biker beau, and it’s really easy if you visit an online bicycle shop in Malaysia and choose from any of the top picks below:1

  1. High tech goggles Your biker will definitely drool over this techie pair of goggles which has on-board GPS and can be connected using Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or ANT+. These new-gen glasses, which can be used by runners and cyclists, are also able to capture photo and video of the bicycle ride. Isn’t that really awesome?2
  2. A durable bike bag Whether your beau would like to bring some extra bike accessories and essentials, or would like to bring along his cellphone, a bike bag provides the best solution to this need. Invest in a quality and tested brand and you’ll never go wrong.3
  3. Cycling Gear Suitcase If your guy is a self-confessed biking enthusiast, then he would definitely have hoarded a lot of biking stuff. His problem now is where to store all of these things, and you can instantly solve this by giving him a nice suitcase where he can store all his bike accessories, whether at home, or while he’s out biking with his friends.4
  4. Multi-tool Bikers who often go on long rides surely need one of these since in most cases, they need tools to repair, replace, or tighten any part of their bicycle. A popular multi-tool has 26 tools in one, which comes really handy when they need tweak the chain, spokes, or pedals.5
  5. Hydration pack Being able to hydrate well during long bike rides is a must. Dehydration makes the muscles lose a part of their strength, and makes you more prone to injury. That’s why this item is also a good investment for your beloved cyclist.6
  6. A bike upgrade Whether your beau has a road bike or a mountain bike, being able to upgrade their cycling gears sounds heaven. Save up and buy him his dream conversion and his Valentine’s Day Celeb will be as memorable as his birthday!

If your beau is a cycling enthusiast, and you’re looking for a gift idea, look no more. Gifting your cyclist beau with any of these biking treats on Valentine’s Day will not only make your celebration a romantic one, but will also make you beloved feel really special on this much awaited day of the year.