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Server Colocation Makes Dollars and Cents For Small Business

When running a small business, whether a well-established one or one that is in it’s infancy, it is often the responsibility of the owner or owners to juggle costs and the availability of funds to produce the most profitable outcomes for the business. This means managing costs and making the right choices when it comes to recurring bills. And for many businesses, services like technical support and management or a general online presence can be both necessary and sometimes demanding monthly expenses. This is where server colocation can come into play. 

One very reasonable means of reducing monthly internet costs for small businesses is to think smart about web hosting along with the real needs of the company and it’s growth. Many small businesses can run quite well with the web hosting services offered by providers considering that they often range from basic to advanced service packages. But some have outgrown this option.

For those, this is a great alternative to having to pay IT salaries or run an in-house server for their website. Just like renting a parking lot space, many companies offer server spots for businesses to increase bandwith to their sites without breaking the bank.

Likewise, along with increasing bandwith, server colocation offers other benefits as well. One such is the support and protection of a large infrastructure. When you are all your website has, things like storms or other occurrences that may cause power outages will be the death of your site. A site that is down for days on end is not good for business. So this solves that problem as well because you have a company on-deck to handle the safety and performance of your server.

Another benefit, that tails off of the first one, is the hardware management and support you can receive when parking your hardware at a dedicated facility. Many of the companies that provide this service will also offer maintenance packages to ensure that your equipment is performing well and meeting customer needs. So essentially, as mentioned before, you are not in it alone. Which is the best of both worlds really. You have the support and know-how of a dedicated company, without signing up for long term in-house server support such as a technical or IT department.

So as you can see, when it comes to reducing monthly expenses, server colocation definitely makes dollars and cents, but only if you have outgrown your provider’s web hosting service packages. Remember, the easiest option to take in most cases, if your site traffic isn’t much to speak of, is with an ordinary web hosting service. But if you are doing a bit better lately and want to provide a professional, well-staged site than this may be the solution for you.


Taking Your Investing Game From Novice to Pro With 4 Simple Habits


Investing in Singapore’s booming property market can be financially fruitful but at the same time incredibly complex. You have all sorts of barriers including language and culture differences, policies surrounding procurement of property by foreigners, and of course the intrinsic risk involved in picking a rental property to invest in. At the end of the day, however, working as a professional real estate investor in Singapore can be well worth the shouldered burdens. Here’s how to up your game from a novice investor to a professional one with four simple habits.
Research Your Way Into the Market 

Research is a good habit to form if you wish to become a successful property investor, especially in a foreign market. Researching through local Singapore property news and general investing-related books can instill the knowledge necessary for predicting market patterns and handpicking properties with actual value. The term “research” does not solely imply reading books, but has more to do with how you use the information. Build a criteria or template that you can use to filter property listings with ease.
Understand What Market Cycle You Are Buying Into 

The market cycle you are buying into will predominantly dictate your approach. Being an aggressive buyer during a recessionary period can be detrimental to your finances. You’ll end up taking on too many mortgages with no immediate payoff on your rental properties. Market recovery phases are a good period to enter into Singapore’s real estate market. During this time, most investors are still fearing to invest their money hence lower competition on the streets. Moreover, property sellers are still trying to offload their properties at discounted rates, which means lower prices for buyers.
Be Patient 

In this line of work, patience pays off. You don’t want to be buying when there are no good opportunities and selling when there is little to no demand. Successful real estate investors know how important it is to set long investment horizons and actually prepare themselves financially for the ongoing expenses of maintenance and legal fees. If you are uncertain that a particular property is a good fit in your portfolio, don’t buy it and simply stay liquid until an actual investable opportunity emerges.


Know What Style Suits You 

Investing in Singapore’s real estate market can be done in a creative number of ways. The most common investment strategy is to buy a rental property and collect monthly rent from tenants. However, there are many other strategies in which you can own and profit from investments. REITs, for example, can be bought to earn annual profits and dividends from a corporation’s property portfolio rather than owning any tangible property. Knowing what style of investing suits you makes it easier to look at properties and manage your portfolio since the assets all fit your investment criteria.

Transforming yourself into a professional real estate investor in Singapore will take more than a day or even a year. Absorb as much as you can from the foreign market and ask help from native realtors. This will at least help close the information gap that’s preventing you from succeeding as an investor.


Venturing Into Singapore’s Property Market – 3 Tips For Expats


Expats move to the Lion City for a myriad of reasons, from those who are looking to set up a business to those who simply want a change in lifestyle. As an expat, however, buying a property in Singapore can be a tiring and somewhat confusing process. The laws concerning the procurement of land by foreigners can be tricky to navigate around. This guide will help you buy good commercial or residential property while simultaneously fulfil all the legal obligations to avoid getting into trouble with the local government.
Set of flat style vector business icons on blue background

Read Up on Legal Framework 

No amount of investment capital or fail-proof business idea will matter if you are not eligible to procure the property you need. Certain restrictions are imposed for expatriates looking to purchase land in the country. The Residential Property Act of 1973 oversees the purchase and ownership of land and property by expatriates. The bill categorizes vacant residential land, landed property, and property in housing developments that are not legally categorized as approved condos as restricted for purchase and ownership by buyers who are not a citizen of the country.
Plan Your Financing 

To finance your purchase of a property, regardless if it’s HDB flats for sale or a bungalow, you’ll have to plan your mortgages and capital investment structure beforehand. You can borrow as much as 80 percent of the property’s price from your chosen Singapore-based bank. It’s savvy to learn the native etiquette when approaching these local banks to give your loan request a higher chance of getting approved. If you currently own other properties in the country, the available amount percentage is lowered down to 60 percent. Many banks, especially large ones, provide home equity loans for expats who are set on purchasing property in the country. The terms of your mortgage plan should be consulted with a local financial adviser who is knowledgeable of the local market traits and existing bank standards.
Choose a Property 

This is probably the most exciting part about buying property in Singapore, yet it could also get frustrating if you fail to plan ahead. Identify the key characteristics that you want your prospects to have. If you’re going for service apartments in Singapore, do you want the building to have basic or luxury features, such as an indoor swimming pool, gym, and room service? As for location, if you are planning to rent out the property to tenants and just collect the monthly income, make sure you look for a location that boast low crime rates and have a promising economic future, meaning a possible influx of investments later on that could spur more business opportunities and employment openings within the neighbourhood.

The final step of any property search and acquisition is paperwork. Take your time in finding a good real estate agent based in the country. Your Singapore-based agent can help you finalize the papers and speak on your behalf with sellers and the regulating boards. Working with a trustworthy and competent real estate agent will guarantee quality prospects and a smooth property acquisition.


One Hour Rush: Planning a Quick Dinner Party in Singapore



Life can throw a pickle at you at anytime, and it is important to be prepared. One pickle that can seem daunting is a dinner party that has to be organized quickly. This can happen for many reasons like an impromptu dinner invitation from a superior at work or a visit from friends who just got in town.

Preparing the Home

It is no secret that one of the first things that has to be dealt with is the appearance of your home. The easiest thing to do is to use a tablecloth to hide any stains that the dinner table may have, and you simply do not have the time to deal with.

One could also host the dinner in the patio if the home will not be ready in time. Remember that this is a good time to employ the help of everyone in the house.


Choosing the Right Food for the Occasion

Perhaps the most important factor that needs to be considered is the type of food that will be used during the dinner party. Stay away from food that will take a long time to cook. This means that thick meat should be avoided or meals that require marinating and other time-consuming steps.

Perhaps one of the perks of living near water is that there is fresh seafood delivery in Singapore. Sea food is one of the easiest types of meats to cook and to season.

Salmon, for example, only needs to be sautéed for about 10 to 15 minutes before it is done. Of course, the salmon can be diced before it is cooked so that it cooks even quicker. The seasoning could be done as the salmon is cooked with a little salt or pepper. It is a good idea to add a little honey to bring out the natural moisture of the salmon.

Fish can also be fried within 15 minutes. The short cooking time that sea food offers should make the one hour time-frame more than enough time to make this dinner party a success.

But a dinner party cannot consist of just fish. This is why it is important to buy fresh veggies online. Having fresh veggies can add the finishing touches to your dinner party. Vegetables can be steamed and cooked in a matter of 10 to 15 minutes.

A wooden bowl of fresh, steamed broccoli.
Brocolli, for example, can be lightly seasoned with pepper and salt. Then the broccoli is placed in an oiled pan and baked for 12 to 15 minutes at 425 degrees. The result is delicious, and the process is quite simple.

One could also make fresh vegetable appetizers that do not require any cooking. For example, you can cut cucumber about 2 inches thick. Then, you can use a spoon to scoop the mid-section of each cucumber, making small cups. Fill those cucumber cups with a combination of vegetables like avocados, tomatoes, or shredded carrots. You can top them off with some cheese.

There is a lot that you can do in an hour if you choose the right ingredients to cook with, and use your imagination.


Preventing Hair Loss


Hair loss is something that no man or woman wants to deal with, but the reality is, as we get older and age through life, a large portion of us end up losing our hair, or at least have to deal with a receding hair line or the thinning of the hair. While a lot of people think that it is only men that have to deal with this type of problem, there is a decent percentage of women that have to go through the same thing, which can actually be quite a larger problem.

Losing Hair

The reason why it may be worse for women to go through the ordeal of losing their hair is the fact that it is for the most part expected that men will lose their hair at some point in their lives, so it is totally acceptable for a man to be losing his hair. In other words, no one will think twice if they see a man that is balding, although this is quite different when it comes to a woman. Women are not expected to lose their hair, so this can cause a huge amount of anxiety and stress to a person. If you are in this boat, luckily, there are a bunch of different options that you have in order to get your hair back. In fact, there are new procedures that are popping up all the time that are a lot more promising than hair replacement procedures of the past.

Hair Transplants and Other Options

One option that you might want to consider going with is a hair implant procedure. This basically involves taking hair from other parts of the body at the root of the hair and literally transferring the hairs onto a person’s head. You might be surprised at how effective these types of procedures are, so this is definitely a route to consider. There are a handful of other methods that can be utilized, as well as making lifestyle changes, such as using particular shampoos, and generally approaching life in a manner that protects the hair. This can be easier said than done, so if you are worrying about losing your hair and want to do everything you can to protect it, the best thing you can possibly do is sit down with your doctor and discuss your options. They will be able to analyse your hair and give you a breakdown of the different options that you have to take advantage of. They might lay out some suggestions for you, send you to an aesthetic clinic to get some additional information and guidance from a specialist, or a variety of other solutions to your problem. The bottom line is, if you are losing your hair, it can be a very difficult time to go through, but there is a lot of help out there and options that you can go with to rectify the situation, so don’t hesitate to give your doctor a call and set up a time to come in to discuss and weigh your options.


Your Ultimate Guide to Maplestory 2


Cartoon-ish characters, refreshing maps and terrains, and a solid storyline are what sets Maplestory 2 from the rest of the pack. This free-to-play MMORPG brings the same entertaining and fun quests, NPCs, and mobs players have come to love from its prequel, Maplestory. For beginners who are looking to download and play the game soon, here’s a comprehensive guide to get you started.


As mentioned earlier, the game’s backdrop is what makes it consistently interesting. While the game does serve as a sequel to the original, the story predates the events of Maplestory wherein the origins of all earthly life, time, and space are being managed by powerful sages. However, dark forces manage to break the balance thus placing the world in utter chaos.

Creating Your First Character

After you’ve downloaded the required files from the online game store, it’s time to create your first character. Character customization is a robust field, with the ability to change gender, hair, eyes, skin colour, and even facial features. Clothing can also be changed for both upper and lower bodies. It’ll be difficult to find other characters who look exactly like you. At the time of writing, you are allowed a maximum of five characters. Names must be 3 to 12 letters long and contain no special characters.

Familiarizing Yourself With the UI 

Compared with its predecessor, the sequel no longer has that bulky information box that used to reside at the bottom of your screen. You’ve got the mini map at the top right corner, the chat box on your left bottom corner, the skill and item box at the bottom centre which contains your hotkeys and your HP/SP/EP bars. The latter is less common in MMORPGs, and is used for action skills.

Identifying Job Classifications 

If you’ve played MMORPGs before, this part is probably the most exciting. Choosing your job will greatly impact how you play the game later on. There are four main classes in Maplestory 2, namely Warrior, Magician, Archer, and Rogue. Each primary class has two respective sub-classes. Warriors can level up into either a Berserker or Knight, Magicians into a Priest or Wizard, Archers into a Ranger or Gunner, and Rogues into a Thief or Assassin. Needless to say, each primary and sub class will imbue your character with a different set of skills or abilities.

Collecting Equipment and Mounts 

In-game equipment include hat, earrings, belts, shirts and pants, rings, capes, shoes, and of course weapons. Each wearable equipment bestows additional stats, such as increased magic damage or reduced elemental damage. This gives players the ability to switch armour sets to suit their current activity, whether they are farming an area or battling in PvP combat. Mounts are another interesting cosmetic item you can equip to your character. Different mounts exist in-game, such as ducks and cars.


The guide above is only but a fraction of what the game offers. You’ll also be learning about guilds and parties, black market, binoculars, treasure chests, mysterious hats, and more. Download the game for free and start testing out what you’ve learned here.