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Look After Your Skin With Diet, Exercise and Good Skincare

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Reasons to Choose Revlite Laser Treatments for Your Skin over Other Options

Many different types of lasers are used in Singapore today for cosmetic procedures. Each of the lasers has different properties and effects on the skin. One of the safest and most effective options is the Revlite laser system. Here are some reasons to choose the Revlite laser for skin treatments over the other options available.


Directly Treat the Signs of Ageing

The strong sun in Singapore can cause wrinkles and lines to appear on your face. The Revlite laser is very effective at directly treating the signs of ageing. Treatments with the laser can start to remove and fill in the wrinkles that form around the eyes and mouth. It can even potentially tighten wrinkles around the chin and neck.


aging skin infographic

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Promote Collagen Growth

Collagen is a natural substance beneath your skin produced by your body. Collagen is what makes your skin look smooth, supple and healthy. It also fills in minor imperfections, shallow scars and wrinkles. The Revlite laser will promote collagen growth. A treatment in Singapore could cause your face and neck to look younger as new collagen starts to be produced.


aging and young skin

the difference between aging skin and youthful skin


Get a More Consistent Complexion

Pollution in the air and the sun in Singapore can both cause your skin to become blotchy. Red marks and dark spots can become very noticeable over time. Treatments with the Revlite laser in Singapore can help to even out your complexion. Your skin will start to look more consistent. Blotches and spots will fade away over time. This can make you more attractive in no time at all.


revlite laser


No Long Recovery Is Needed

Some laser procedures are very harsh on your skin. You might need to recover for a few days after a treatment. The Revlite laser is non-ablative. This means it is very gentle on your skin. There is no long recovery required after receiving a laser treatment using the system. You can immediately return to your normal routine once finished.


Low Risk of Complications

Complications are something that many people in Singapore worry about when being treated with a laser. This is because some older lasers had problems with burning the skin or causing strange red patches to appear. This is not a problem with the Revlite laser system. The laser uses some of the safest technology today to achieve good results. You have the lowest risk possible of any complications appearing after a treatment.


laser result


No Serious Pain

A final reason to choose the Revlite laser for skin treatments is that you will not experience any serious pain. The laser is not burning away skin. The most that you will feel is a slight tingling when the laser is activated. That tingling stops almost immediately when the laser is deactivated. This makes the treatments very easy to sit through during the day.

The Revlite laser was intentionally designed to be a gentle yet effective alternative to some of the more powerful ablative devices on the market. This is why it has so many advantages over other lasers. If you want attractive skin and fewer signs of ageing with no side effects, then treatments using the Revlite laser are right for you.

Weight Loss Tips to Keep Inches Coming Off

slimmingWhen you’re ready to lose weight, you want it to happen immediately! Sure, you’re willing to put in the hard work necessary to make the changes that your body needs; but you want the weight to come off as quickly as possible. Quick fixes have their time and place, but ultimately, what you want is slow, steady weight loss as you build healthy habits that will stay with you for years to come. Following a few simple tips, however, can help you burn inches faster.


Follow a Well-Known Weight Loss Program

weight loss programmeTrying to do it yourself can be stressful. You’re counting calories, watching every bite that goes into your mouth, and trying to figure out what type of exercise will get you the best results without making it necessary for you to live at the gym. Instead of stressing over it, consider looking into a reputable weight loss program. Once you’ve been at it for a few weeks or months, the program will become second nature, and you’ll be able to continue with your healthy lifestyle more easily. Programs also provide accountability and someone to help when you have questions or concerns about the process–all valuable tools that will help you on your weight loss journey.


Choose Weight Loss Pills with Care

slimming pillsWeight loss pills seem like such an easy fix, don’t they? They’ll ramp up your metabolism, or prevent your body from absorbing fat, or dampen your appetite so that you’re less likely to eat everything in sight at the end of a long day. If you’re going to use diet pills as part of your weight loss journey, however, make sure that you check the ingredients carefully. Watch for unexpected side effects, and consult with your doctor any time that you feel something isn’t quite “right.” Also, keep in mind that many weight loss drugs contain stimulants, which can cause a jittery feeling in some users. Make sure that your pills are working for your body, not against them!


Track More Than Numbers on the Scale

track scaleEveryone who’s ever been on a diet has been there. After weeks of healthy eating and regular exercise, you step on the scale, expecting to see a substantial difference. Unfortunately, according to that number, nothing has changed! You’re ready to throw in the towel then and there. Keep in mind, however, that muscle weighs more than fat. You might be losing inches without burning off excess weight at all. If you’re going to obsess over numbers, make sure that you’re taking regular measurements to ensure that you’re getting a truly accurate picture of your weight loss.


Take It Slow

healthy lifeWeight loss doesn’t happen overnight even with the best of intentions; and even when you do take off weight hard and fast, it often comes back just as hard when you return to your regular habits. Instead of shooting for fast weight loss results, try aiming for long-term health changes. Eat more fruits and vegetables and less sugar. Drink more water. Make exercise a more regular part of your life. As you start to embrace these changes, you’ll discover that you’re naturally healthier, have more energy, and are motivated to keep making healthy changes that will have a positive impact on your life. Not only that, your weight loss will stick with you long-term, creating a new, healthier you.

3 Different Parenting Styles That Strengthen Bond With Your Child

Most of the people understand the nuances of Parenting. There are no rules or set conditions to parenting. Individuals for the most part simply learn as they go. As a matter of fact, as the kid grows, and other youngsters are conceived, child rearing turns out to be all the more than taking care of the kid’s regular needs. Now and then folks feel they require some assistance in choosing an ideal approach to parenting their youngsters. There have been numerous individuals who articulate on parenting and offered great suggestions and assistance to young parents in need.

Three Types of Parenting Styles

Few authorities pondered on this subject on parenting and concluded that there are varied styles of parenting. They are democratic, permissive and authoritarian.

A mixture of permissive and authoritarian is called as the democratic style. A democratic parent will implement few rules that are essential and enforce them; however they will likewise take every circumstance as it comes. Punishment is normally talked about with their kid. Such parents are most keen on checking if their kids comprehend why such rules are set up and why some conduct in inadmissible. Democratic parenting is all about telling youngsters when they do great and when they do bad activities. This style of parenting involves both the children and the parents, and they cooperate well. Thereby, kids will understand and respect their parents. Moreover, they will handle all the problems in a proper manner and issues in a sensible way.

The one based on control is authoritarian style. In this, the parent has complete control over their kids. With this style strict principle, rules, and schedules are set up, and these have to be followed by the kids. In simple words, children are treated with an iron fist. Rules and punishment are done in an orderly fashion, and no excuses are given. The drawback of such a style is that it, as a rule, does not take into consideration a great deal of love or warmth. Since youngsters raised with this parenting style are typically not permitted to think unreservedly or settle on choices all alone, they regularly grow up to have issues with intuition for themselves.

The opposite of authoritarian parenting style is the permissive style. Here the parent is lenient and allows the kids to have control. Usually, not many rules are set, and these principles are pretty lax. Broken guidelines regularly are not by any means perceived or even authorized. Parents feel that the kids should be free thinkers and have the capacity to explore their environment and learn for themselves. There is regularly a considerable measure of friendship and warmth with this child-rearing styles. The drawback, however, is that youngsters don’t understand rules are important in life.

No one ever guaranteed that parenting was simple. Folks can decide for themselves how they need to parent their kids. However, parents and kids should communicate often and learn basic rules. Try to be a better parent today.

The Surprising Daily Habits That Are Causing You Wrinkles


Wrinkles – no one likes them, yet they keep trying to form anyway. What gives? You’ve changed your diet, invested in the best anti-aging products and cut out bad habits like smoking. You may think that you live the greatest anti-wrinkle lifestyle, but there are small things that you do every day that contribute to wrinkle development, things that you may not have even realized could cause them.


5 Daily Habits That Lead to Wrinkles

1. You squint and make faces.

Yes, sometimes you squint in the sunlight or have fun making faces, but these things help to cause wrinkles. Squinting creates those small wrinkles at the corners of your eyes, and making silly faces stretches your skin in extreme angles. The next time that you decide to squint or make a face at your child or a loved one, remember this: Your face might just stay frozen that way.



2. You love to chew gum.

Chewing gum may help to curb bad breath, but it also helps in the formation of wrinkles around your mouth. As you chew, your mouth continuously forms different shapes and creates lines at the top and corners of your lips. If you want fresh breath, enjoy a mint instead, or use a breath strip before risking pesky mouth wrinkles.

a beautiful brunette on a pink background


3. You talk on the phone a lot.

Does your phone push against your skin as you talk? Do you hold your head to the side and feel the strain in your neck? If so, your daily phone chats are helping to form wrinkles in your skin. To lessen the effects, talk with your phone slightly pressed against your ear to prevent pushing the skin on your cheeks. You could also use a Bluetooth earpiece to prevent kinks and line formations in your neck.

maxresdefault (1)


4. You apply makeup the wrong way.

If you’re opening your mouth wide to put on lipstick or lifting your eyebrows with one finger to apply mascara, you’re doing it wrong. Don’t pull or stretch your skin; apply your makeup naturally. Move your entire face in an angle that helps you apply the makeup. Stretching your skin will only contribute to lines in the future.



5. You sleep on your face.

Everyone turns over in their sleep, but some people really dig their faces down into their pillows. If you’re one of these people, switch out your regular pillowcase for a satin one. A satin pillowcase doesn’t bunch up and create those signature pillow lines in your face. Instead, it slides gently across your skin and helps to protect it as you sleep.


Even though age catches up with everyone and causes wrinkles over time, you don’t have to rush the process. By recognizing your wrinkle-causing habits and creating a good skin routine, such as applying a daily anti wrinkle cream, you can prevent stubborn lines and show off your perfectly smooth skin to the world.


Making It as an Online Entrepreneur in Malaysia



Give yourself a pat on the shoulder if you’ve decided to pursue a career as an entrepreneur. The journey is rewarding both personally and financially. However, it doesn’t come without its own obstacles. For entrepreneurs working to make their mark in the eCommerce industry, particularly within Malaysia, here are 5 useful tips that should be taken to heart.


Think Long-Term

long term planMany aspiring entrepreneurs fail to plan for the long-term while others fail to plan at all. They buy a book or pay for training and then just dive right into it. This is a bold strategy for passionate entrepreneurs, but is not always the most effective way to introduce yourself to the market. Instead, know what you are doing and what you plan to do in the following year or two.


Make Mistakes

If you aren’t making mistakes, you’re probably doing something wrong. Though this doesn’t necessarily mean you should intentionally make mistakes, an online entrepreneur should not be afraid to take risks that could cost him/her money, time, or labor. If you do make mistakes, learn from them.


take risks


It is less expensive and more fruitful to make mistakes early as opposed to encountering them in the future when your business is already well-established.


Ask For Help


ask for help


Sure, you’d want your brainchild all for yourself, but the reality is businesses reach scales that no single entrepreneur can handle by himself/herself. For web-based entrepreneurs, seek physical company incorporation in Malaysia by hiring professional virtual office providers. Having a physical headquarters makes your brand more legit and trustworthy in the eyes of local consumers.


Get Professional Web Design

Your website is the first point of contact with your customers. If it looks poorly constructed or lacks the vigor to excite customers, your sales and bottomline P/L will suffer year after year. Start the right way by getting professional web design and development services. You can either provide a draft of the design you want for the business or have the professional create one for you from scratch.


why need professional web


Offer Relevant Content

Different markets foster different audiences. Consumer demand in Malaysia may be slightly or completely different from consumer demand in U.S. states. Know your audience by conducting thorough research, surveys, and polls to accrue data regarding your target market. Furthermore, take the time and effort to visit ground level and meet your customers in person. This gives you a better understanding of who your ideal customers are, what they think about the product/service, and what opinions or thoughts they may have regarding your brand.

The road to building a well-established online business can be physically and mentally demanding. But having a plan and knowing the market space simplifies the process of building a profitable brand that can withstand the harshest economic conditions. In addition to these technical tools and resources, your personality and attitude as an entrepreneur will have considerable impact to your endeavors. Make sure you evaluate yourself and your suitability as a CEO before you enter the space.



Just for Fun: Halloween Costume Ideas With Muslimah Fashion


Halloween is a traditional event whose purpose is to honour the dead including martyrs, saints, and departed believers. Activities synonymous with modern era Halloween include pranks, watching and telling scary stories and horror movies, costume parties and trick-or-treat. In past generations, observers attended church services then followed by lighting candles on the graves of the dead. It’s celebrated on 31st October. The Halloween tradition was initially common among Christians in the western world but the influence of globalization has spread it around the world. Halloween is now celebrated by people of diverse cultural, social and religious affiliations.


A Halloween celebration is never complete without a custom made outfit. The costumes reflect a character or phenomena in society. Picking a Halloween costume is a tasking endeavour that requires originality and creativity. It is imperative that one has a successful Halloween without causing harm to others. This is not the time to spread stereotypes and haram practices.


During Halloween, there are many original costume ideas to mirror the occasion. For instance, one can dress up as their favourite comic character or hero. This theme works out well for children and teenagers. Wearing a shalwar kameez coupled with a fake long beard sounds like a scary idea. You can also dress up as a zombie. This character requires you to move in slow-motion the whole night while uttering weird stuff. If you get the make-up right you will enjoy making people run.


Halloween is a great opportunity to dress up as our favourite celebrities or role models.. Movie characters like the Pirates of the Caribbean also inspire costume designs. You can also make a homemade costume using fruits ideas. A pumpkin, carrot, apple, banana or pineapple costume is easy to make. A personal touch of fashion and style enables one to pull this out. In addition, more Muslimah fashion for Halloween ideas are here. They may include costumes of landmarks, favourite animals and innate objects of use to us on a daily basis. If you are a sporting person, why not dress up as a sports personality? For fashion enthusiasts, it’s always nice to make costume designs with the style of past decades such as the classic ’70s. Always remember to bring along sweets, candy and chocolates. Be friendly and welcoming to your neighbours and friends.


A Hijab is not a Halloween costume though one can still go around in one. Avoid themes that promote injustice, killing of innocent lives and other vices that are contrary to the Islamic religion. For instance, it is insensitive to dress up as terrorists unless you do it as a parody with lots of humour.

In conclusion, Halloween is a great opportunity to have fun. It also allows people to conquer their fears especially of the dead and evil spirits. The costumes make it possible to laugh at feared evil spirits. There is no excuse for not celebrating this festival. In today’s generation, it should be regarded to as a social event rather than a religious tradition. Don’t you be dull now! Embrace the Halloween spirit.